Valay5192d ago

I just want this to be halfway decent. I've been looking for a good Spider-Man game to play since Spider-Man 2.

Ziriux5192d ago

It's not going to happen anytime soon.

Cinotix5192d ago

It will, just not on this console generation. I think they need Rocksteady to do all the superhero games.

Christopher5192d ago

Looks like slightly above Wii graphics from that. Can't get a gauge on gameplay other than they obviously took some notes on stealth gameplay from Batman:AA.

Jamegohanssj55192d ago

I know it will fail. Look at all the game systems it's on.


Simon_Brezhnev5192d ago (Edited 5192d ago )

I'm still waiting on a Spider-Man game to top Spider-Man and Venom Maximum Carnage.

Rocket Sauce5192d ago

Dammit, why can't they just take what worked in Spiderman 2 - web swinging - and build off it? I've never played another game where simply moving around was so much fun.

Maximum Carnage is the balls. I still play it all the time.

CellularDivision5192d ago

Yes, it is on Wii, and how is that bad?
Wii has one of the most addictive games this gen, SMBB.

ThanatosDMC5192d ago

Spiderman 2 was perfect. I hope this one is as good as Web of Shadows but please let there be replay value!

Myze5192d ago


I don't think he was commenting on the ability of any of the systems to put out fun/addictive games. It's because it's on all systems (ps3, 360, wii, psp, ds) that it's very likely to be mediocre at best. Almost any time a game is released on all platforms, it's far from impressive. Think of all the Disney games as an example. The only time it somewhat works is with sports games, but usually the games have had the development split way too much and we are left with games that play as if they were only made to sell based on title recognition ("Spider-Man" in this case). Anyway, I'll keep my expectations low. No way to lose in that situation. If it's bad, meh, I won't care, if it's good, it will be a pleasant surprise (like Batman AA was).

badz1495192d ago

with Bobby Kotick in charge, I might as well just say "FORGET IT"!

N4BmpS5191d ago

Spiger-man Noir? Already I think should have went specifically off Noir not bridging the gap between these two dimensions. Some the elements looked okay I'm not stoked though at least not yet.

Commander TK5191d ago

"I think they need Rocksteady to do all the superhero games."

Cannot believe that u ignored Sucker Punch right there

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Ziriux5192d ago

I hope no idiot buys another spider man game and knowing activision owns the license that's not even worth it.

Cinotix5192d ago

Yea yea, another terrible spiderman game, knowing it's on the Wii makes it that much less exciting.

tunaks15192d ago

i want a sequel to ultimate spiderman, imo that game is still the best comic book game

BeaArthur5192d ago

That was the best Spiderman in my opinion, but still not a great game. Pretty decent though.

Simon_Brezhnev5192d ago

Have you played Maximum Carnage?

lonestarmt5192d ago

heck yes, and remember the good spiderman games on the PS one? classics. I loved unlocking all of the comic covers and obsecure customes.

lonestarmt5192d ago

o and maxium carnage was a great game and all, but come on it was just a beat em up. Spiderman 2 change superhero games forever and Ultimate spiderman was the closest we have to be like a comic. Shoot the game actually tied into the ultimate comic books.

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hybridtheory125192d ago

doesnt look good to me. just my opinion though.

lonestarmt5192d ago

there is no bigger spiderman fan than me, and this doesn't look good. I hate the noir parts. I'm like yuck are they trying it to be like Batman Dark Asylum? I mean what works for Batman doesn't for spiderman. I hope the other two dimensions are cooler. I hope ultimate or 2099. 1602 could be cool too. Pray to God there is no spiderman india dimension.

Rocket Sauce5192d ago

The third dimension is a DC crossover!