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PSLS writes:

When it comes down to it, I'm sad to say that I'm mildly disappointed in Resonance of Fate. I was overly-hyped for the game, hoping it would deliver a new and unique RPG experience for me to love. While the battle system receives two thumbs up for trying, the rest of the game receives a thumbs down. The steep difficulty might turn off casual RPG fans, though hardcore RPG fans will enjoy the challenge to be had. It's hard to recommend Resonance of Fate to all of the RPG fans out there, seeing as how there's much better RPG options out now for the PS3. Resonance of Fate will be played by few, remembered by fewer, and ultimately will be know more for what it could have been than what the final product is; another above average RPG from Tri-Ace.

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T3mpr1x3310d ago

Well, I had no interest in this title to begin with, good to know I should pass on it.

xabmol3310d ago

I played the demo and was like, "eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww, no, no, no buy for me."

I thought it was maybe just because I don't like many RPGs, but now I know it's not just me.