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Rob Pitt writes: During the Xbox 360 and PS3 era, we had a lot of JRPGs which went above and beyond by delivering us tens, or even hundreds, of hours of engaging stories around some rather interesting mechanics. This generation we’ve had a few, but most publishers seem to think the RPG genre simply means ‘Large open world full of fluff and minor distractions’.

Thankfully, tri-Ace has spotted this gap in the current market and not only remastered Star Ocean: The Last Hope earlier this year, but they also fully remastered Resonance of Fate in full 4k on both the PS4 and PC.

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SegaSaturn669971d ago

Spend money on this! Not last remnant.

Movefasta1993971d ago

idk I feel like supporting both jrpgs might spawn sequels, better sequels since it's pretty random because I didn't expect to see remasters for these games. i'll pick up both.

rob-GP971d ago

Yeah, I'll be picking up The Last Remnant as well - if we don't get a copy to review. I like these remasters as they're nice meaty JRPGs done right with the focus on the story and content over fluff.

I know footage of The Last Remnant looks a bit choppy in places but so did Star Ocean. It's just a shame that it wasn't a tri-Ace game as they seem to have gone all-out in remastering their engine with the various PC settings on the PS4.

Eonjay971d ago

Definitely buying this.

bluefox755971d ago

How is this game? I passed on it years ago, just didn't catch my eye, but I've been on a jrpg kick lately, so may check it out.

Lon3wolf971d ago

There is a lot of depth to the systems it employs just not so great at explaining it all to you. Not your average JRPG, it's an acquired taste and personally I loved it on console when it first released and now bought the remaster on PC.

bluefox755971d ago

Sounds interesting to say the least, no harm in giving it a shot.

gangsta_red971d ago

This game is really good, but that learning curve is steep. Not to mention the gun upgrading design is terribly flawed.

But anyone that wants a change of pace from the usual JRPG type games really need to give this game a go. It's seriously on some ridiculous gun-kata, John Whoo type hype.