Mass Effect at E3 - Confirmed by Bioware

Quote'Yes there has been a great deal of speculation of will we or won't we be at E3 this year. We didn't want to confirm anything until we were sure that the cool stuff we're going to be showing there was set, ready and very, very cool. Now that it is, we can confirm what many of you had already guessed that we will be at E3 this year.'Unquote

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SuperSaiyan44309d ago

I was hoping to be playing the game before E3 like Bioware said ages ago...Oh well they did say 'We hope' something like that looks like the extra time they are taking is really making the game look tons better! Amazing still is what you can do with 9gb of space on a DVD!

Odion4309d ago

no offence to the person who made this news post but this was posted a few hours after they said this which was a few weeks ago or maybe it was last week

M1am1U4309d ago

hopefully the game will come shortly after.

Gorgon4309d ago

Sorry, but the game will only come in 2008, Q1 probably.

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The story is too old to be commented.