What's Next for Ratchet and Clank?

Ratchet and Clank started out as a curious game for the PS2, where the blend of comedy, cartoonish violence and sheer absurdity of the weapons charmed everyone who came into contact with it.

Now, its spawned one of the most popular franchises for the PlayStation, and with their second PS3 game being replayed again and again and again, Insomniac Studios seem to be taking a break to focus on their other franchise, Resistance.

So what can we expect to see for the future of Ratchet and Clank?

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Cajun Chicken3216d ago

Yeah, I have to admit. I don't really want the same what happened to Jak to Ratchet and Clank. I really think that Ratchet should continue after the Future trilogy, Insomniac and High Impact Games should continue making them.

I'm just not really sure what could be done, for a start I would like a Ratchet MP game to be made because I was one of many that missed out on the online MP on the last few PS2 games. But, if it's anything like the vehicle sections in R&C3, well, it'd be awesome. So, I'd really like for that to happen on PS3, also, come on, how many online MP games can kids play without the danger of violence these days?

Anyway, for now, perhaps Ratchet should move over and Jak should come back for a few games and then, have them meet up in episodic games developed by both developers which cause the 'dynamic duo' and Ratchet and Clank to team up together to save the universe from a bigger threat than ever.

mastiffchild3216d ago

Well, I love R&C and was always more into them than ND's J&D(though still amazing games)and dunno if you could mix and match the universes-even the art styles clash a little bit and, to be brutal, Daxter CAN really get on my tits after a bit! Bloody Ottsels!

Whatever, I think there's a ton of variables affecting when where or if we see the duo again in the near to middle future:1, Will Insomniac go multiplatform post PS3 as IDK about a 360/720 audience for a platform shooter with cartoony visuals). 2, What will the new studio in NC come up with and will it be successful(i.e become a franchise of sorts)and, at least, 3, What of the way the existing studio works with, as I can see it, a ghost team wrking on R&C while the main guys were on Resistance until Resistance was released and then the situations got reversed. It seemed like they could polish the Ratchet games to a glossier finish because they know the series so well but that this way of working didn't give Resistance games the same chance as shooters being made by a more focussed team(like the way Uncharted has been a lot more polished than either Resistance game purely because it's had ND's full attention at all times). Also I feel Insom have taken a few for the Sony team rushing both Resistance titles(one for launch and two to avoid KZ2)and need to kind of treat themselves with the next Resistance and whatever the new studio's cooking up.

I just feel there's too much on right now for Ratchet to be much of a blip on the Insomniac radar and also-couldn't the omission of MP tell us this even more clearly? A MP title needs a bit more post release action from the devs and by avoiding adding it(when we KNOW it works in the old games)Insomniac get out of patches, support, map packs, extra DLC and so on leaving them, for the first time in a long time, truly free to chase perfection with their other games. Rather unfairly, imo, ND and SM have taken a lead from Insom this generation and for developers of their talent that's just wrong. They've stuck at things and released games when it wasn't, imo, in their best interests, for PS3 and I'd just like to see them take a chance to polish a game and shine a little-outside of R&C where brilliance, sadly, has become passe to the media who undervalue the games in a criminal way at times.

IF waiting a few years to have a Ratchet we're all hungry for is the price we pay for Insomniac, maybe, pushing their other ideas as hard and regaining some lost spotlight then I'm all too happy, even as a massive fan, to wait a while. I could have the way they work down totally wrong but, to me, it always seemed like they were doing more for the fans and Sony than, maybe, they were for themselves by having a PS3 game out EVERY year when they didn't really have the manpower to do that and keep two series up to their own standards-it's why I think Resistance is a hotch potch of great ideas and missteps. Hopefully we'll see what both games are going to be come E3 even if we see neither this year as, for one, I'm hoping Resistance3 is given just as long as it needs.

Fully OT-Ratchet could possibly use a little rest to make people realise what they were getting was effin stunning too!

Commander TK3216d ago

Insomniac's decision. They can do what ND's doing since the last 1 is a perfect ending to the franchise