Ghost Recon: Future Solider - Do Cinematics Serve or Hinder?

"Well I'm not really 100% sure or even sold on the whole pre-game cinematic video releases many publishers go for these days, as I believe it set really high and unrealistic expectations on the actual finished product when it does ship, or when a demo or actual in-game-play screens are finally released.

The latest brand new vid from Ubisoft showing their next iteration of the famed GHOST Recon team, GHOST Recon Future Solider is an exact example of such cinematics. Halo 3 was also another, as was several other major AAA title games.

While they are stunning, and show what we 'might' possibly expect to experience in the game, there's no real way to give the same experience as what is being shown via a movie that has been made expressly to promote the game."

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tdrules3223d ago

Do questions deserve question marks or not(?)

REALgamer3223d ago

I really liked Halo 3 and ODST's short live-action trailers, but I agree that they can't be taken as representative of the actual game.

As long as they're released along with proper gameplay trailers so we can see the game itself it's interesting to have a professionally-done short film/trailer to get you excited.

BadCircuit3223d ago

I liked the Oblivion video way back. It got me hyped for the game, but most of these others you know they are just not really that representative...

ironwolf7773223d ago

Anyone know if this live action trailer is buy the same director behind the 20 min Ghost Recon short film being worked on ...
and it's my personal opinion that this question does NOT deserve a question mark

XboxOZ3603223d ago

Ubisoft own the company that made the Assassins Creed 2 Lineage short films, and that is the one they now use for all their in-house film presentations.

The company was the one that brought us the movie 300, which was excellent. They will be creating several 'mini-movies' for their projects, Prince Of Persia is the next one t hat we will see grace the various areas and YouTube.