God of War III Update 1.01 Patch Released

PSLS writes:

God of War III was released on March 16th, and since then PlayStation 3 owners everywhere have been helping Kratos take vengeance on the Gods of Olympus. Upon firing up God of War III tonight, you'll be prompted to download a patch for the blockbuster title.

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PirateThom3181d ago

Guessing it's patching the trophy glitches.

LordMarius3181d ago

lol, I saw the patch and decided not to install it, I need that trophy :D

lokiroo4203180d ago

Its a patch to fix wireless controller issues, not the trophy glitch.

FrankenLife3180d ago

It's a Trap. They do take away the New Game + glitch in the game. They say it is just to fix the wireless connection issues, but really they are secretly taking away one of the best features that is in almost every other game of this genre. New game + is awesome, and if I didn't have to glitch to get it then I wouldn't. I don't really care about glitching for the trophy. If I could earn it in a couple play throughs with New Game +, then I would be all over it.

The moral of the story, don't pee in the ocean.

Army_of_Darkness3180d ago

I'm on my second play through( Titan mode) today and didn't notice any problems or glitches at all?! except for the fact that this mode really forces you to use some serious skills with your blocks and dodges! I'm actually examining my enemies every movement so I'll know when to attack and dodge! Lol!

oh yeah, I'm playing in the living room this time. my dad was so entertained by this game, he actually sat there watching me play it all day lol!

N4Flamers3180d ago

How about you learn to play the game. First off the glitch is only for one trophy that you can get if you play the game and look for chests. There are more than enough chests in the game to get maxed out.

The patch doesnt take away the new game plus glitch, that has been confirmed on gamefaqs but even if it did, who cares. The godly possession hermes' coin lets you get enough red orbs to upgrade every item as you get it in the story. From what I read as you get the weapons in the story using the glitch they go back to level one.

DMason3180d ago

Thank God! When I was playing in the Underworld, it literally took me 2 minutes to open a chest. Kratos kept getting stuck in the weird animation glitch where he just couldnt open a chest. Thought it was my controller until I heard others were having the same problem.

N4Flamers3180d ago

It looked like he was jerking it over the chest. I was thinking either this is a whole new way to get orbs or this is the new sex minigame.

Danteh3180d ago

I hope they fix the broken auto target system... in Challenges of the Exile this becomes more aparent, the f!cking game will ignore the direction I'm facing and grab whatever enemy is nearer to Kratos.

So I end grab grabing a minotaur who can't be grabbed and pwning me in the face

Very annoying, dunno why they made it like this :/

andron3180d ago

But using the trophy glitch to get my trophies would seriously ruin my enjoyment of this game, so patch away I say...

Bubble Buddy3180d ago

game's awesome and difficult, which is nice for games are too easy these days. All I want is a new game + like in GOW2 : (

I want to do a cestus run.

matarchy3180d ago

But I thought this wasn't suppose to happen. It must be some angry Xbot right. Really this game is great, but if this was a 360 game all you guys would be bashing it. I love to come to this site and read all the fan boy rants.

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JonnyBigBoss3181d ago

I bet it addressed the controller issue that several people are having. Definitely good to see Santa Monica Studios putting in post-release effort.

N4Flamers3180d ago

I spent 2 minutes with kratos doing the macarena over a chest because he didnt want to open it. I've experienced the icarus wings going out on me for no reason over large gaps too. Glad they fixed that.

DMason3180d ago

And I thought I was the only one having this problem. But it seemed to only happen in the beginning of the game and when I made my way back to the underworld.

Icarus wings only went out on me once.

N4Flamers3180d ago

They kept going out over the same chasm. My wife was watching me play and she was like "why dont you just hold the button down till you get to the other side"

my reply "I am holding the f--ing button down"

willykyu3180d ago

Glad to hear there actually WAS a problem! same problem here. It was hell to open chests, and to keep wings opened. I thought I was pretty bad at that game, or my controller was dysfunctional.
Now I'm most happy to go back to the game!

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Zydake3181d ago

For Kratos' enemies after hit by Apollo's bow

GR8 13180d ago

Is this patch gonna extend the game-play from only 8hrs to 15hrs because if not this patch is useless.

Mo0eY3180d ago

Awww, poor bot got no games.

mrv3213180d ago

The patch actually does that, maybe you should download it... oh wait you don't own a PS3.

Can I add you on PSN?

Bathyj3180d ago

Thats it?

Thats all you got?

It would still be the best 8 hours of your miserable life moron.

You're allowed to call morons, morons in the openzone right?

God, what a moron.

garos823180d ago

fack you u worthless twat.

TheOutsider3180d ago

Thats what your mom said about your dad!!! HA HA HA!!

ELite_Ghost3180d ago

dude i'm at 9 hours in on titan difficulty... im at that maze place so prob pretty far... its not an 8hour game unless ur a noob that plays it on easy

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PS360PCROCKS3180d ago

Hmm...wonder what for? Controller issues? Never had one...

headwing453180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

I only noticed it on my third play-through of the game, sometimes the buttons don't work properly (usually the R1 and the X button, for me)

Good thing I read this article, I thought my controller was broken... phew

PS360PCROCKS3180d ago

Really? That's crazy, that would suck and make me hate the game lol.

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