Geforce GTX 480 and GTX 470 reviewed: Fermi performance benchmarks

PC Games Hardware has a full review of Nvidia's Geforce GTX 480 and GTX 470. They Have benchmarks of many games like Crysis, Metro 2033 or Race Driver Grid in several resolutions. Furthermore they checked power consumption, the cooling solution and the noise level of the cards.

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Fatmanp3126d ago

Thats a lot of money for no actual performance increase over a 295.

ATi_Elite3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

This is the extended end of Nvidia's reign. They can not recover from this no matter how much they pay game developers to optimize their games to run better on Nvidia GTX 480/470.

Is Fermi faster, YES for the most part in every review i've read except in Crysis and Stalker, imagine that!! Faster yes but not enough to crown as the Fastest out as the HD 5870 does perform better in or the same in a enough games to hold GTX 480 off.

But Faster comes at a unwanted price and not just Dollar$ as PC gaming hardware has evolved to run quieter, cooler, and use less electricity.
90c is way way too hot and 300 watts under load is UNACCEPTABLE when HD 5870 is 70c and 186 under load. You can over clock the Hd 5870 to 1 ghz and only see 80c and 250 to 260 load and it will out perform a stock 480 GTX.

I was looking forward to a Superior Nvidia product but this is laughable and a let down. Bang for buck ATi hands down. Cooler and less electricity ATi. Hd 5000 overclock better and still use less electricity and run cooler which are important to maintaining a cool temperature in your rig that has 3 HDD and an overclocked CPU.

I just hope GTX 480 is enough of a treat to cause ATI to drop their prices. So many gamers are were waiting for this day as a deciding factor in a DX11 choice. Most Nvidia fanboys will just buy cheaper but well designed GTX 200 series cards and SLI for Enthusiast performance.

When the prices drop twin HD 5850 from ATi look to be the best bet as far as Enthusiast performance and price or the HD 5970 or the GTX 295 as $500 for GTX 480 or $400 for GTX 470 is stupid. I hope HD 5870 drops down to $350 and Hd 5850 $250 as Fermi is an EPIC FAIL.

Kakkoii3126d ago


You do realize the GTX 295 is a DUAL GPU card right? lol. It's good news that the GTX 480 and 470 are around the speed of the 295, while still being single GPU cards. And apparently from the benchmarks released, SLI works a whole lot better on this new series.

You get a card that beats the 5870, quite a bit in many games. And will surely increase in performance much more once the drivers for it mature, as ATI's has for the 5000 series.

You get a card that supports PhysX and CUDA, so you can take advantage of awesome physics. And it can run C/C++ code natively, so you'll start seeing applications ported that will be able to run on this GPU at much faster speeds. It also excels even better at tessellation than ATI.

So all in all I'm pretty happy with what Nvidia's come out with. It's just sad that TSMC has had such sh*tty yields and made it delay. Nvidia will have to release a refresh sooner than usual to catch up to ATI's headstart.

evrfighter3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

most of the benchmarks I've been looking put fermi about 5-10 more frames per second and $100+ more than the 5870. Not to mention the power draw is more than a 5970 which obviously brings up the ambient temp inside your case. Bad if your into overclocking.

It's not a failure. But it sure as heck isn't the 8800gt/4870 revolution we all saw.

With this I've decided just to buy another 5870.

SoX FireBlade3126d ago

was expecting something cheaper than this

I don't what to buy, I was thiking to buy 5770 but I don't play alot on my pc, I just use it for editing and 3D stuff only

will these directx11 cards help me in anything ?

Kakkoii3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

@SoX FireBlade:

If you're into 3D and video editing then you're going to want Nvidia's GTX 480 or 470. With this newest generation they've made it much easier to GPU accelerate applications. And most of all, the new 2011 series of products from Autodesk coming out this April will use MentalRay 3.8 and it's new iRay feature, which is a completely GPU accelerated ray-tracer. And it uses CUDA, so it won't work on ATI cards. Plus MentalRay is part of Nvidia, so it probably won't ever.

You'll be able to render your scenes and animations incredibly faster. Allowing you to create much more stunning images/videos and in much less time.

Some iRay demo's:

It's simply amazing the speed it renders and can't wait to get my hands on Maya 2011 this April.

Autodesk is also implementing PhysX into a lot of their applications for things like ragdoll physics and more.

SoX FireBlade3125d ago

wow thats alot of info thanks man !

I'll use Maya too

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dirthurts3126d ago

Than a 5870...however much more expensive. Not much of a win here. I'm surprised they are releasing it for those prices.
They must be banking on their brand name.

commodore643126d ago

I just read hardocp's review.

It looks like the 480/470 is a bit faster and has a few extra features.

It is also MUCH:
- louder
- hotter
- power hungry
- expensive

5850 still is the best option.

Kakkoii3126d ago

It's actually not much hotter. The 5870 reach's almost the same temperatures as the 480.

commodore643126d ago


It's quite a bit hotter.

The 470, under heavy load, runs at 93-95 degrees C.
The 5850, under heavy load, runs at 78 degrees C.

Please read through this.
The videos are excellent, too

Kakkoii3125d ago


Yeah, but..

GTX 480 = 93 degrees also
5970 = 86 degrees

7 degrees hotter is not a big deal at all. And this is under freaking furmark. No game will ever push your GPU as hard as furmark does. So these temperatures are perfectly fine and nothing to wine about. They shouldn't even play into your decision in most peoples cases.

And the 470 isn't even much more expensive than the 5850, especially considering the extra's you get, (PhysX, CUDA, the new Fermi architecture that has so many general computing advances which will be able to accelerate a lot of applications if people port them to it (which is MUCH easier with Fermi), 3xDisplay 3D vision, better dual/tri setup performance if you ever go down that route, and also usually stronger more stable drivers for games.

I prefer to support Nvidia in their quest to shift much of our computing onto the GPU to make our tasks go faster.

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ProjectVulcan3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

This review is also the one where the results come out more favourable to the GTX4 than other reviews i have seen..

I have seen half a dozen reviews now and averaged out they point to the 450 pounds GTX480 being overall about ten percent faster than a 300 pound 5870. The 5870 beats up the 470 pretty badly for similar money. Whats worse is that the 470 barely sneaks in front of a 5850 which is 100 pounds less! However the geforces look considerably more competitive in some Direct X 11 tests. The question for buyers would be how much do they really value Direct X 11 performance in the small amount of current games available?

The killer for a lot of consumers though must surely be how much power these things consume, the amount of heat they create and fan noise to go with it. 470 easily consumes 40+ watts more loaded than a 5870 despite being slower. 480 consumes more power than a 5970 and GTX295. Both the GTX4 series operate well over 90 degrees and are the hottest cards on sale, with turbo jet noise fans to match.

They arent complete flops. But Ati will go to bed tonight and sleep perfectly fine i suspect....Their six month old offerings holding their ground. How long before we see a 5890 to really put the hurt on the 480?

dirthurts3126d ago

I just hope ATI still drops their prices, per tradition.

JsonHenry3126d ago

Yeah, but if you got the cash 480 SLi is a BEAST!!!

However.. I'll stick with my HD5870 for now.

ProjectVulcan3126d ago

SLI 480 is good if you:

Are a millionaire
Own a powerstation
Use LN2 for cooling

steve30x3126d ago

With 2x GTX480 you will be pushing the threshold of a 1200Watt PSU and the temperature in your case would be too high to talk about. If you want two GTX480's then buy a case that can hold two PSU's and lots of fans to pull that heat out.

Kakkoii3125d ago


Multiple GPU wattage doesn't work like that. Just because 1 GPU recommends a 600watt PSU, doesn't mean a second one recommends a double the wattage one. The 600 watt recommendation is for the card and all the rest of the usual components in your computer. The actual wattage requirement for the card alone is much low. If you were going Tri-SLI then yeah, 1200 would be best to keep a little headroom. No games will push the kind of wattage needed for Furmark.

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RedSky3126d ago

Value performance at best it only matches AMD's offerings. Sure the GTX 480 in SLI outdoes AMD in every game by a mile but it also costs that much more.

The sad part is, price competition isn't going to drive down prices either. The real barrier right now is TSMC, the chip foundry that is used by both AMD and NVIDIA. It's the reason AMD was having graphics card shortages even when they had no competition and should have had their cards flying out the door - instead they had to raise prices. So it's unlikely we'll see AMD and NVIDIA chip $100 or so off their offerings in the first day like they did last time.

ProjectVulcan3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

I wouldnt be too keen to put 600w worth of graphics cards that run close to 100 degrees in one case an inch apart, even if i had the money to do so lol

Ati surely have been respinning their silicon to get it to work better on TSMC 40nm for all this time. They wont have been sat twiddling their thumbs since September after all. If Ati get their yields up and the design refined then i can see a 5890 appearing in a scant few months as a reply to the GTX480. With slightly upped clocks it would be a close match performance wise but for massively lower power consumption even if they had to slightly overvolt to reach say 950mhz core speeds. It also wouldnt cost Ati nearly as much to manufacture. Nvidia have got a lot of work to do....

RedSky3126d ago

I agree but NVIDIA have their own advantages. They seem to generally do better in minimum framerates, although not by much and their supposed advantages in tessellation could possibly matter in the long term.

Hard to tell at the moment whether this will matter but at least now we know, the moment either can lower prices whether it's NVIDIA or AMD, they will.

mortalrage3126d ago

I got a 5870, and I love eyefinity. I don't think i can game with one monitor spoiled. I was hoping Nvidia would put more of a hurt'n to Ati so it would drive down prices faster, so I can crossfire them, :/

RedSky3126d ago

They will support 3 monitor gaming, scroll down to the bottom.

evrfighter3126d ago

Nvidia will have an eyefinity like feature. But iirc you're gonna need to be in SLI to do it.

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