Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Tips Writes: As with any game of that magnitude comes a pretty steep learning curve. This is pretty much the case with most Battlefield games where the usual run and gun style of gameplay won't work too well for you. If you find yourself getting owned mercilessly here are a few basic tips that could turn the tides in your favor.

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bjornbear3130d ago

although obvious

medic = easiest so true

so many damn medics and scouts its almost as if half the population are scared of being killed so they stay far away or run around with the biggest gun and health packs

still, they are useful =D

borgome3130d ago

1. Camp
2. Camp so more
3. When you get bored of camping, camp somewhere else.

happy_gilmore3130d ago

camp with your teammates. i just ran in to a 4-man squad of campers. killed 2 of them but the game ended before i could finish off all of them. yeah, we won the game because of me, as always.

and use the noobtube. NO TANKS! but noobtube is ok.

this game sucks harder than mw2.

MAG is the true hardcore FPS.

RumbleFish3129d ago

additional tip: spawn as engineer, drive a tank, fire the main weapon, exit the tank, fire your RPG, enter the tank again and immediately fire your main weapon again. Have at least 2 squad mates fix your ride! The fourth squad mate might want to be recon class and direct mortar strikes on your enemy's vehicles. This is so much fun!

Fanb0y3130d ago

Medic is undeniably the easiest, most effective class to use in the game.

After maxing out the class and pouring hours into it, I decided to screw around with the other classes. Recon who runs up to the front lines with a red dot sight?