Explodemon Is A PSN Exclusive For Now

TSA writes:

"Jonathan Biddle, Creative Director at Curve Studios, has reveled on Twitter that the upcoming explosive Explodemon! is a PSN exclusive. For now.

Originally set for a release on Microsoft Windows, PSN (PS3 and PSP) and WiiWare, it looks like, at least for the time being, fans of 2.5D platformers with a healthy dose of exploding will only find the game on Sony's platforms."

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Antan3127d ago

Wonder what else Curve are upto ;)

GR8 13127d ago

That's just fine.......that's what BETA TESTERS are for once ps3 fans have tested the game it will come over to xbox live.

mrv3213126d ago

Ironically the same thing can be said for the JRPG's exclusives... :P

Or games like Plain sight.

-MD-3127d ago

It looks really similar to Splosion Man.

vhero3127d ago

It does but with a lot more depth.

Dipso3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

That footage is from 2008, so who knows who had the idea first.

It looks a hell of a lot prettier now.

dangert123127d ago

wearnt this for the wii and ps2 though :S

Dance3127d ago

Reminds me of Splosin Man

unrealgamer583127d ago

oh my god you're a genius, how do you do it?