USB Memory Support for the Xbox 360 coming April 6th

Major Nelson - 'On April 6th, we will be releasing a system update over Xbox LIVE for your Xbox 360 that will allow USB flash drives to be used for storing profiles, game saves, demos and more. I've been testing this feature out for a few weeks, and I have to say it's really great. Once you take the system update on April 6th, you'll be able to connect your USB flash drives to your console and head over to the memory section to configure your new storage device.'

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Cajun Chicken3131d ago

Great! That'll save me on a overpriced harddrive.

dangert123131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

52gb all 2gether lol

-MD-3131d ago

52GB sounds good to me!

dangert123131d ago

not great but a big improvement for a smaller price

Convas3131d ago

Well guys, ultimately this is a step in the right direction + that's TWO rumors that've been confirmed by MS. 250 GB HDD, and now USB Memory Support.

Now there's this rumor about a Xbox 360 Lite and even bigger HDDs than the 250 GB .... hmmmmm. E3 is lookin' mighty fine, ehh?

zeeshan3131d ago

I reallllyyy don't think that M$ will come up with a slim 360 if that's what you mean by 360 lite?

zeeshan3131d ago

I have 360 Arcade and don't have a hard drive. My 256 internal memory has run out as Fallout 3, Bioshock 1 and 2 and a few other game saves have already claimed that teeennnyy tiny space!

Wait a second, will I need access to XBL to get USB Memory support? Cuz I am not buying XBL and use the free PSN for all online gaming/demo downloading.

Cajun Chicken3131d ago

The reason why as a 'PS3 fanboy' I comment here is because I've been stuck with a 20GB 360 (without HDMI, may I add) for about 3 years now, I love a good XBLA game as much as a PSN game.

As you'd imagine, a 20GB HDD with a game install to avoid noise and about 6 XBLA games already and XBLA titles getting bigger all the time, it's been difficult to juggle around space and believe me, I don't want to delete and wait for any of my XBLA games to download again.

So this, again, if no catches is BRILLIANT news. No worries about not having space for Serious Sam HD FE and upcoming SE.

darthv723131d ago

If I may ask, why would not having HDMI be a caveat for your 360? I ask because I too have the original pro model and use the supplied HD cable to view 720 and 1080. People made such a big deal about HDMI when I see it as a convenience in a single cable. I do also have an elite using HDMI though.

On topic: this is really good news. In my case I will still use my MU to store my profile but now I can dl demos and move them between units without having to dl them to each. I am willing to bet you can install full games to it and if your GT was on there, you could play them from any 360.

We will obviously know the pros and cons once it hits and gets disected by the internets best sluthes.

Solidus187-SCMilk3131d ago

because then I will install full games to the flash memory to load. If so then my 20gb(13) will be enough for my other things. But I wonder if it will be faster than the 360 hd for oading or slower since its a usb port?

Cajun Chicken3131d ago

Yeah, the component does the job. I was just stating how old a model it is. Actually, I'm really surprised how it's still alive.

Knock on wood.

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kevnb3131d ago

can you install games to it though?

SuperStrokey11233131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

This is retarded, first they ban peoples consoles for having 3rd party HDDs and now they are letting us use USB drives? Obviously the ban was done before xmas to push sales of hardware and nothing else. This is just rediculious that everyone isnt stomping mad!

I should not have said that the ban was only to move units as its primary goal was to get rid of pirates, moving units was a second consideration. My bad.

-MD-3131d ago

I highly doubt they banned people to shift more hardware.

SuperStrokey11233131d ago

Im sure it wasnt their prime objective but im certain it was something they considered and hoped for. they banned people right before xmas for having modded machines (which i concede the vast majority was for piracy but not all) which would allow you to use a 3rd party drive right before xmas, and then 3 months after xmas they allow you to use 3rd party drives all of a sudden... that seems on the level to you?

darkequitus3131d ago

@super stocky. 3rd party HDD were never band, just memory cards. Get your facts straight. I have an official and a HK knock off and the knock-off works fine thankyou very much - exept orignal xbox emulation.

YourCall3131d ago

Take you miserable whiny self back over to the wii side, and stop trolling. No one cares that you think this is stupid, your opinion doesn't alter anyone's decisions around here. All you're doing is adding to the whiny BS that plagues this place.

You're just another anti microsoft dude trying to spread you hatred.

SuperStrokey11233131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

No many people with 3rd harddrives were banned (it required a mod to do and thus MS banned them), you need to do a mod to get them to work and they banned people for it, so prehaps it is YOU who needs to get their facts straight. Im not pissed that they banned them, cause a mod is a mod and EULA says you cant do that, im ok with that (even though its LEGAL in my country), what pisses me off is that they banned people for it and then they turn around and say that its ok now. Its two faced and really really not cool. No one here should accept this action from any company, be it Sony, nintendo or MS.

Also @ yourcall

No one cares what i think? Well you have 1 bubble and are ignored by 18 people... so yeah im the one no one wants to listen to lol. Crawl back into your hole.

Also, the wii side? Why would i go there? Ive enjoyed all the systems (until my 360 for banned... for being modded to use a 3rd party harddrive) and if anything i would go to the ps3 "side", but as i love all the consoles and call BS on any of them when they do stupid things. Like Nintendo going all casual, that sucks for hardcores, MS doing BS things like this and Sony screwing up i speak the truth.

Im not anti xbox at all (i think the 360 has great games, hell i love halo and gears) but when a company does this crap... well its not ok and you shouldnt say it is either.

KingME3131d ago

Having a bunch of bubbles typically mean 1 of 2 things around here. You either say bad things about the 360 or good things about the PS3. Your theory about people wanting to listen to you simply base on your bubbles is just silly. You have obviously not been here long or you have multiple accounts.

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SKUD3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

There's going to be a catch some where. I just wonder how bad its gonna be. This is MS were talking about here. Maybe they will have some sort of "Approved compatibility list" for the external drives. Then those drives will cost you an arm and a leg.

hamoor3131d ago

Make us use third party HDD

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