Donkey Kong Jet Import Hands-On

Originally announced for the GameCube as DK Bongo Blast at last year's E3, Donkey Kong Jet is a racing game in which the titular gorilla and friends fly using bongo-powered jetpacks. Originally designed to take advantage of the GameCube's bongo drum controllers, Donkey Kong Jet is no longer a game that will make the owners of said underused peripherals feel better about themselves. Rather, it's a Mario Kart-style racer that, at least based on our time with it thus far, would be a lot more fun if it offered something resembling a conventional control system.

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unsunghero284311d ago

A GameCube game on the Wii.


It'll probably get a score between 5 and 6.

And sell like hotcakes.


ITR4311d ago

Never been a Donkey Konga fan.

It's ok, not my cup of joe.

I think many games like Zelda were orig. made for the GC but got ported to the Wii when the Wii popped up last winter. I bet we'll see GC ports until winter 07'.

HeartlesskizZ4311d ago

ya nor am I, this games should stay in super nintendo R.I.P

texism4311d ago

Meh, another freaking port? Keep it Nintendo. I heard it was frustrating to play because you do a drum motion with the chuks to go left and do a drum motion to the wiimote to go right. But also, you jump by doing a flick motion, which is also like a drum motion so most of the time you jump instead of steering left or right or you steer when you want to jump.