ElectricPig: Bioshock 2 Sinclair Solutions DLC Review


Like so many FPS titles this facet of Bioshock 2 is arguably what keeps hardcore fans coming back for more once the single-player campaign is done and dusted. Developer 2K Games clearly subscribes to this opinion as well because the first dollop of DLC-goodness is with us and it's focused entirely on expanding the scope of online play.

However, those expecting a dramatic change are going to be disappointed; there are no new maps and the storyline which underpins the multiplayer remains firmly in place. Set in Rapture circa 1959, the online mode sees the player assuming the role of a splicer – a human who has become addicted to DNA-bending Plasmids – and the ensuing online death matches are supposed to represent the cataclysmic civil war which triggers the events of the original game.

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