G4TV: PlayStation Move Games Preview

TheFeed's Patrick Klepek previews two games for the PlayStation 3, Motion Fighters and Sports Champions, which both use the new PlayStation Move motion controls. Find out how both games utilize the new technology in this preview.

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masterofpwnage3221d ago

the asian guy looks hellla weak aha.

but i notice a little bit of lag in the fighting game. i hope they fix that. other then that this will be day one. i love the gladiator one. looks so dope.

JustTheFactsMr3221d ago

The fighting game is a gestured based game not a 1:1 tracking. I think what your your seeing is the animation not completely matching what the person is doing because they are gestures and not 1:1. Still a work out though :).

The sword fighting game is 1:1 with the controller.