A 'Review' of Game Room (resumeplay)

Resumeplay writes "Game Room, something that caught my attention instantly, is a bit strange to comment on. It's like trying to review an arcade. An arcade you can customize. At first, a wave of nostalgia and sheer awesome hits you. Suddenly, you actually experience it, and you realize that you have to pay for all the games in the arcade. Damn. Empty wallet aside, there is great potential in Game Room."

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mau643132d ago

i can't wait to play some of these games.

SKGamer3132d ago

This is how reviews should be written: thorough, interesting, and comparing the good and the bad.

I knew hardly anything about this before, all I knew was that it let you play old games. But now I feel like I know everything. Since its a free download I think I'll give it a try, but I doubt I'll spend any points once the free plays are up.

Dukeoffl3132d ago

I think this was the nicest comment i've ever gotten. glad you liked it.

VenerableBmoney3131d ago

I haven't even walked into the arcade because of LIVE issues with the program. It's too bad, cuz I was really looking forward to this. Solid review though- pointing out both the negatives that I anticipated and the positive throwback feel that I hoped for. Reminds me of Family Game Night (Hasbro) with all the downloads and stuff, but it's right up Microsoft's alley to create a program to make more money.