This Generation's Best Video Game Music

Sinan Kubba of TheGameReviews writes: "As budgets have gotten bigger, as the market has expanded, and as the resources have become ever more diverse, gaming's music has simply gone from strength to strength. These days we're regularly treated to a range of incredible songs in every game we play, carefully choreographed music that amplifies our experience, making each success and each failure that much more dramatic. I wanted to pay tribute to the songs from this generation's games that I've most appreciated for doing just that. I've selected songs from games that were released for PS3, 360, Wii, DS, PSP, and also from games released for PC after 2003. I've only chosen one song per game, and with only two exceptions - exceptions I hope you'll forgive - I've picked songs that were made specifically for the game. So here are my choices for the best music that has framed our games in recent years, my 21 favorite video games songs from this generation."

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midi3128d ago

Surprised not to see the Zelda theme not cheated in here somewhere, perhaps off one of the DS variants. Portal Still Alive has to be the comfortable winner though.

starvinbull3128d ago

Comfortable winner in my opinion Still Alive is brilliant.

itani3128d ago

Umm this list fails without God of War III music.

Shadow Flare3128d ago

I don't understand why Uncharted isn't on that list. Specifically Uncharted 2- Nate's Theme 2.0

Aside from that, super stardust hd should have got a mention, notably the song from the stage Lave, and also the music from warhawk and metal gear solid 4 should have got a mention. Medal of Honor isn't of this generation yet but the theme music to that is really good

BetaChris3128d ago

I believe this list was originally conceived before God of War 3 was released...

Rockox3128d ago

I'm happy to see Mass Effect make the list. I thought it was one of the better game soundtracks to come out this gen. The influences of Blade Runner and Tron are terrific.

Reibooi3128d ago

Funny how the songs they pick for certain games are not the best from those games.

Lost Odyssey and Eternal Sonata have MUCH better songs then the ones they choose.

They also missed a few games like Folklore, MGS4, Valkyria Chronicles, FFXIII(although that did just come out). And alot more.

cranium3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

MGS4's "Father and Son" is a beautiful piece of music, among others in the series. MGS may have my favourite video game music of all time. I still remember the first time I heard "Enclosure" in MGS1 :')

Gran Touring3128d ago

^^I was going to say Father and Son from MGS4 as well,

but what about Chrono cross, Sonic Adventure 1, god of war (series)? In my opinion, they had excellent soundtracks.

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cain1413128d ago

I really enjoyed layton. Just a great overall game.

shoinan3128d ago

I rarely like DS music, but Layton's Theme is sumptious.

tehk1w13128d ago

Good call on Eternal Sonata and Mirror's Edge. That song was like the only good thing about taht game.

Haly3128d ago

It might be a bit of a cheat but I do love Beyond the Sea in Bioshock. Such a brilliant song and perfect for the game.

Same with Fly Me to the Moon.

shoinan3128d ago

BTS was just so right for that game.

treeson473128d ago

i'm glad to see that they had jesper kyd on here, but other than that they mainly put songs that were put into a game, instead of highlighting legitimate game scores, all of kyd's scores from hitman 1-4 are extremely legitimate and give some movie scores a run for thier money while defining the mood of the series. the metal gear solid series has had some very good score's over the years, as has manhunt 1, uncharted 1 and 2, and what about old school classics like streets of rage 2's "go straight" or twisted metal 2's soundtrack. and for gods sake, if you're going to highlight songs that are put into a game (songs that aren't the score) they're out of their minds to not include the vice city box set. i mean christ...

SlamVanderhuge3128d ago

It says this generation, dude.

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