Android Tablet a threat to Apple's iPad?

The Apple iPad and the Android-based Notion Ink Adam tablet reader are compared side to side with some surprising results.

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IllusionRSN3133d ago

I've been skeptical of the iPad from day one, so I dunno about this one..

RonyDean3133d ago

Apple messed up big time with the iPad, it should be using a version of OS X not that crap the iPhone has.

Im really looking forward to seeing this one in action! Along with the HP Slate!

Uncle Rico3133d ago

I think apple is trying to live on its good name, but consumers are realising the crap they are doing.

SalvatoreLeone3133d ago

it's about time they came up with something to bed apple with.

hoops3133d ago

Actually the Ipad does not have 720p output at all. 4:3 apsect ratio is all.

No 16:9 folks
No Flash support.
No multi-tasking.
No SD slots.
No camera.
No Drag and Drop File Management.
No USB port. (you have to get one)
No HDMI output. (This is 2010 people)
No 1080p Playback at all.
No Removable battery.

The HP Slate and Android Tablet and MS Couier is the way to go. The iPad is so gimped in every possible way it's almost comical.