Why Abe's Oddysee was way ahead of its time

"Whoops". This is the moment you empathise with Abe - a former slave for the RuptureFarms meat processing plant, tasked with rescuing his species from a fate worse than death (death, then being turned into pies).

It's a game with a strong message, but it's also kind of funny when the Mudokons you're trying to save end up squished by a boulder or dissected by a big revolving blade. Abe's post-failure utterance expresses a sliver of regret, but not so much that you can't enjoy the dark humour in their stupidly gory deaths.

Thanks Abe. Watch out for that landmine. "Whoops".

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hay3130d ago

I'd so love to see current gen sequel. First day for me. Oddworld was incredible.