Exclusive Interview RE: New Graphics Rendering Tech

Bruce Roberts Dell is the CEO of a new and uprising technology called Unlimited Detail. It is supposedly the "New thing" when it comes to 3D imaging, and while he loves what polygons have done for the industry, he feels that they are a bit dated and this new technology could possibly be more widely used in the coming years. I got the chance to ask this ambitious man a few questions, and with his busy schedule I feel honored to have even gotten a reply. So, without further ado, here is the interview and all it entails with Mr. Dell.

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JBaby3433840d ago

But it was an interesting read nonetheless. We'll see how this pans out. From the way he describes it it seems like you're getting something for nothing. Fill the screen with all that you want without any additional overhead in the realms of polygons, textures/shaders, etc. Anyone able to offer insight on this new tech?

jesuisankit3840d ago

This was a great read indeed.. I see that they can get unlimited amt of polys on the screen.. but can they get the best of lighting, textures AI along with it?? they say the tech is still far from release but if it can be integrated with game engines its gonna be phenomenal.. they already have it working with traditional poly modeling softwares.. I am having good hopes for this one.

wibble3840d ago

He looks even more camp than he sounds

DigitalAnalog3840d ago

I love this quote.

-End statement

spdarksky3840d ago

But i only clap when it become mainstream and only if it can be used together with any engine without much hassle.

Because what's most important nowadays is that the lesser the cost the better. Let see if a few months/years where this technology is going.

Very interesting indeed.

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