Game Critics: Mass Effect 2: Firewalker Review

Game Critics writes: "The Firewalker Pack consists of five vehicle-based missions which introduce the Hammerhead hovering scout craft. Although it looks vaguely like Mass Effect's much-maligned Mako, the key difference is that instead of being a ground-based armored affair, it's airborne and nimble. Players will find that it zips to and fro effortlessly, and has powerful jump jets that launch it massive distances, both horizontally and vertically. Although I definitely count myself a fan of the Mako, there's no denying that the Hammerhead is a thrilling (and much improved) ride."

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003154d ago

I hope they get rid of mining in M3 and replace it with the hammerhead.

spdarksky3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

I cant complaint much as it is free. Anyway, i agree with you 00.

Eventhough this Firewalker is short but it is much better & fun to control then the Mako. But i really hope they put much variety in the mission like make much more 'out-of-the-Hammerhead' mission.