Sony Should Embrace the 3DS, Not Doubt It

ResumePlay writes: The recent announcement of the 3DS is making a lot of waves in the industry, and earlier today a Sony exec weighed in. He voiced some serious doubts about the new system, when he should be excited about it. ResumePlay looks at the reasons why Sony shouldn't be complaining, and why the existence of the 3DS is actually good news for the PS3.

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-Alpha3406d ago

Typical. It's not just Sony, but they downplay the competition just because they didn't do it first. It's like the Wii and Tretton calling it a lollipop when Move is no different. Or like when they said rumble was last-gen tech just because they had a lawsuit on their hands.

It'd be nice to see some honesty and appreciation for the competition but if gamers can't do it I don't expect the guys working for the companies to either.

I'm sure the 3DS will be very innovative for portable gaming.

Rockox3406d ago

DON'T GO INTO THE OPEN ZONE. Potential spoiler for Alan Wake. Spoiler is in user's name.

SKGamer3406d ago

Yeah I hadn't noticed his name until you pointed that out. Thanks. A lot. Wheww....

But if the guy is that much of a tool (as to put something in his name) I'm pretty sure he's not the responsible type of person that would be working for a credible news source and getting early review copies.

So I highly highly doubt he actually played it and knows what he's talking about. If he was right, I'll track him down and kill him for ruining it.

Tito083406d ago

I don't mind Sony downplaying Nintendo if Nintendo does it to Sony all the time, Sony has the right to do so... He didn't seem like downplaying it that much, and now a Sony rep said this and that, now a "Journalist" have to write an Article about what he said, saying to shut up and all that, that ain't proffesional, it's totally stupid!!!!

SKGamer3406d ago

@ Tito

Did you even read the article? I didn't say the Sony rep shouldn't be allowed to diminish Nintendo, by all means, Nintendo has been belittling Sony about Move so they have every right to talk back.

I said he shouldn't WANT to diminish Nintendo, because they are both after the same thing. Both companies are trying to promote 3D now, so I don't think Sony should be downplaying Nintendo's 3D. If Nintendo's 3D succeeds in the handhelds, its going to make more consumers want 3D in their consoles, which currently means they would have to use a PS3.

I think if the 3DS succeeds, it's going to be a boost to the PS3, so Sony should be HAPPY about the 3DS, not downplay it.

I don't bother with articles about smack-talk, that's not the issue here. The console boys can smack-talk until the world ends, I don't care. The issue here is the overall strategy, and the effect of two companies promoting the same technology. Read through the article before you attack me, please.

Tito083405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

I was talking about the article and the author in general, I didn't
read your first comment until you replied to me.... You didn't see it said "@ Skgamer." I wasn't even talking to you, dude!!!!

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mau643406d ago

Man, I just dont really care too much for 3D gaming at all

VenerableBmoney3406d ago

I care about as much for 3D gaming as I do for gaming while moving my body. These new innovations are no longer about making it as graphically impressive as possible, but integrating the gamer into the experience.
That's frustrating for me; if I wanted physical activty, I wouldn't have chosen gaming as my favorite hobby/pasttime.

SKGamer3406d ago

If I want exercise, I just walk or jog on the treadmill while I play games. Its still surprisingly easy to play Halo or Resident Evil while jogging. Although the jogging skills suffer... I may have tripped once or twice.

Or I play sports. They're like video games, but more real-like.

cyborg69713406d ago

I'm with you bunny on the whole moving around and breaking a sweat thing. But I think 3d is the next natural step in gaming. And whose to say the graphics won't be pushed right along with it? I think that they would go hand in hand. Hopefully they do.

SKGamer3406d ago

I don't know what he did, but apparently it was bad, cuz he got SPAMMED out. Thanks mods for keeping the comment sections clean.

Sonyslave33406d ago

Sony should Embrace the a$$ kicking the 3DS is going to do to psp and psp2