Free Avatar Prop. Get it while it's Hot

The Block Party can't start without the Avatar BBQ Grill Prop complete with dropping-the-burger-on-the-floor actions!


Video Added, complete with dropping-the-burger-on-the-floor actions!

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dangert123130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

got mine it actually looks good nice free prop lol
the biggest i've got by far but i only get the free stuff as i refuse 2 buy stuff for my avatar lol

eLiNeS3130d ago

Check it out if you want to see the Xbox Live Avatar Burger Flipping Grill Prop In Action!

darthv723130d ago

I too have not really bought stuff for my avatar. I bought a guitar but other stuff (like the halo 343 guilty spark) i get free when available.

DarkTower8053130d ago

Lol, hilarious. I've put dropped burgers back on the grill too lol.

SixZeroFour3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

yay, more free avatar items...whats with the recent free avatar items? not complaining, but wonder what its all about

btw, did anyone notice the odd letter combos in that code? to me it looked like "XBoX aRCaDe BaCK(?) PaRTY RoCKZ" surrounded by 9s

EDIT: seems like it should have been - XBoX aRCaDe BloCK(no L) PaRTY RoCKZ

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STICKzophrenic3130d ago

LOL, this prop is awesome. XD

I've bought a few things for my avatar...Mass Effect N7 hoodie, Mass Effect Garrus' Eyepiece and the Gears of War hat.

I don't mind buying a few things from games I really like.

dangert123130d ago

but some of that sh*t cost 400points

2 light sabers = perfect dark

dangert123130d ago

tell dem again eLiNeS !!!!

FragMnTagM3130d ago

It still works. Nice find.

-MD-3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

The avatar clothing/prop prices need to be slashed across the board.

Edit: Sorry this was supposed to be a reply to Dangert12

dangert123130d ago

i have not and will not buy a single thing at them prices
cause i can't actually use them in my game

tyrok3k3130d ago

Can I grill up some Chocobo?

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