Mozilla stops development of Firefox Mobile on Windows-based mobile phones

Mozilla's Director of Mobile Engineering, Stuart Parmenter, announced that they will not be developing a mobile version of their browser for future Windows based mobile phones.

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GR8 13224d ago

Good Internet explorer is way better.

cyborg69713224d ago

If you mean better at getting viruses and slower than you are correct sir.

Uncle Rico3224d ago

Does the same principle apply to mobile phones though? Is firefox any safer on the phone than IE?

mrv3213224d ago

Depends what you like

A heavily limited browser, which is slow, few add ons, pretty poor
A very good browser which does near everything you want from it just HTML 5.0 support

Personally I like good browsers and I go for firefox... but then again I am also out of choice mostly on Ubuntu because of the freedom.

RonyDean3224d ago

Do people even use Windows based phones?!?!

Uncle Rico3224d ago

Yes.... HTC is one popular brand using the Windows system

Fishy Fingers3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Fair enough, it's down to MS they're pulling out from further development and others will probably follow suit. Shame though, with the new up coming Windows 7 mobile OS/Phones Firefox would have been great, it's probably wrong of me, but I stopped using IE a long time ago and now avoid MS browsers like the plague.

El_Colombiano3224d ago

You and thousands of others. I can't stand any MS browser.

ChickeyCantor3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

How would you know the latest iteration of I.E is bad if you haven't gave it a try cause you avoid it " like the plague." ?

Just sayin.


No you said " like the plague."
Sounds like a negative to me.

Next to that, firefox lovers will always claim Firefox is the best. Same goes for all browsers.

Fishy Fingers3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

First hand I dont, but notice I didnt say anything about IE being "good" or "bad".

Although, I know from plenty of reading, tests and following things like this that there are better options, such as firefox. Plus, I couldnt live without my add-ons.

Edit: Again before I said like the plague I said, "it's probably wrong of me", what I said isnt negative, perhaps your just a fan of IE I dont know.

Also, I'm no "firefox lover", I just use the service which suits me best, which due to the add-ons is firefox. All browsers have their plus points.

It's not hard to grasp, I have no loyalty towards an internet browser manufacturer, I just side with what fits my needs.

Strange_Evil3224d ago

IE sucks. I would even use Safari before IE cause the speed and reliability is better. But FireFox>All IMO.. Add Ons really stand out for me.

ChickeyCantor3224d ago

" perhaps your just a fan of IE I dont know. "

Yeah that must be it, LOL.

darthv723224d ago

I hate how the bberry browser emulates IE/Netscape. I tried mini opera and that is cool but I am so used to firefox on pc that a handheld version for the blackberry would be nice.

Microsoft Xbox 3603224d ago

PIE is garbage on WinMo 6.5. Hopefully it gets better in Windows Mobile 7 but I really doubt it.

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tdrules3224d ago

support a good mobile platform, great to see.
Opera Mini 5 IS awesome, but it's not Firefox.
and God knows why Google didn't put Chrome in their own Mobile OS

hoops3224d ago

Would nice to see Opra mini on the iPhone...Opps...we have to see if Apple approves that app for it LOL

OpenGL3224d ago

I would totally use Firefox mobile on my Android smartphone.

Raypture3224d ago

I could care less, about it really, it's stupid to put windows 7 on a netbook that doesn't have the proper power to run it, let alone a phone with even less power, linux is where it's at for netbooks and phones, unless you plan to put a older version of windows on it in which you'd lose support quick, iirc XP loses support in the next year or so.

I don't think M$ will do well with a phone, they've tried doing these me too products following apple like the Zune with the iPod and they haven't really touched them with it, the only exception I can think of off the top of my head is the 360 and they're beginning to fall behind with it.