3 New Kingdom Hearts Titles?

In the recently released Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ultimania, the Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura discusses the future of the series. He reveals that 2 titles other than Kingdom Hearts 3 are in their concept stages and he hopes to release one this year. Details about the changes made in the North American version of the PSP title are also revealed.

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Natsu X FairyTail3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

KH3 exclusive for PS3 or Wii.

1 multiplatform Fighter on PS3 and Xbox360.

new KH on DS.

-MD-3493d ago

I would seriously cry if Kingdom Hearts 3 went exclusive to the wii. I want to see a Kingdom Hearts 3 and a Kingdom Hearts 1/2 re-release similar to the God of War 1/2 release.

Rockox3493d ago

DON'T GO INTO THE OPEN ZONE. Potential spoiler for Alan Wake. Spoiler is in user's name.

cry from the sky3493d ago

cant wait for this game. going to be incredible.

jannytime3493d ago

oh man finally a concrete confirmaton by nomura-san himself. one of my all time favorite franchises, hopefully we can get a trailer or wat-not soon. oh happy day =]

Marceles3493d ago

"About the next title, Kingdom Hearts 3 depends on Final Fantasy XIII Versus"

Everyone buy Versus!!

Shang-Long3493d ago

This is one of the only series I like that gets milked the storys are so well told can't wait

NeutralGamer3493d ago

I saw the spoiler
Man I'm going to leave N4g... This is it... -.-

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BlackIceJoe3493d ago

I would really like to see another Kingdom Hearts on the PSP and it tell Riku's story. I thought Riku was awesome in Kingdom Hearts 1 but in the second not much. So with his own story He could go back to being that awesome dude.

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