Was Kingdom Hearts 3 Really All That Bad?

For better or worse, it still does all the things a Kingdom Hearts game does.

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jambola157d ago

In ways yes
Crappy ending, 90% of story contained to the last world
Unsatisfying conclusions
But it was fun
I'll say above average but disappointing

-Foxtrot157d ago

Yeah pretty much

Convoluted story because they thought it would be fun to do a dozen spin offs before the final game in the Xehanort saga. Didn't help they added a smidge of time travel in near the end of the game...that's NEVER a good idea. Also the games motivation to go to other worlds was basically so Sora could regain his power of waking as he lost it in Dream Drop Distance, I felt they could have had a better way of going to other worlds rather than a plot line to depower Sora.

The worlds didn't feel as big and some of the choices were baffling, I mean Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean (again), Toy Story BUT didn't follow the plot of the film but rather a new story. Then you had Olympus again but no colosseum.

No Final Fantasy characters at all

The Attractions mechanic got old fast, I would have rather seen a bigger focus on magic or summons

Also the combat felt off in places, a little "floaty" if that makes sense. The combat in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix was better.

goldwyncq157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

"The worlds didn't feel as big"

That's just nonsense. KH3 has by far the biggest worlds in the entire series. PotC was pretty much a smaller version of AC Black Flag with all the islands you could explore, and Olympus, Toy Story, and the BH6 worlds were bigger than most worlds in the previous games.

-Foxtrot157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

I did say they didn't "feel" as big, not that they were

But for a KH game on the PS4 when the other two were on the PS2 I was expecting a lot bigger, size which would really show these worlds in all their glory for being two generations ahead now.

FallenAngel1984157d ago

“they thought it would be fun to do a dozen spin offs before the final game in the Xehanort saga”

It was because it was necessary. The devs that made KH1 & KH2 went onto to make FFvXIII that later became FFXV. Nomura stated they wouldn’t start work on KH3 until after FFvXIII was finished. This would’ve meant the series would’ve remained dormant until after FFXV came out if there weren’t any handheld entries to keep the series going in the meantime.

-Foxtrot157d ago

Necessary? Lol

How about just don’t do it, wait for KH3 eventually OR do spin off games that have nothing to do with the main story

FallenAngel1984156d ago

Because you don’t let a lucrative property go dormant when you clearly have the option of keeping it thriving

Snookies12157d ago

Nope, game was amazing. The hate it gets is ridiculous. Sure, there are complaints I have about it. It's not perfect. But people out here act like it's downright awful. At the very least, it's a good-to-great game.

lucian229157d ago

Pretty bad for kingdom hearts

Pyrofire95157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Some ways. Sure. Frozen certainly felt like a mess and combos too often lead to aerials. Flash over substance, moves too often taking away the camera control. WTF was the Pirates level. Captain Jack SHOULD have been a Keyblade wielder. Smh

Lore157d ago

They need to go back to a more grounded approach. The level design was a huge disappointment. KH 1 and 2 offered so many fun platforming elements and a well balanced RPG progression system.

And for Nomura to try and make the characters stand out on their own is ridiculous in my opinion. Don’t exclude Final Fantasy characters simply for the sake of it, utilize the FF characters in an imaginative manner and bring back what made fans fall in love with the series.

goldwyncq157d ago

But I fell in love with the series as a kid because of the Disney stuff, not the Final Fantasy stuff. The ridiculous anime crap Square Enix added with the Organization XIII and Xehanort and his army of alternate selves is what made the story go downhill.

RPGer157d ago

Square Enix is Japanese company. It is like saying oh Marvel doing Cartoon and comics crap, well dah.

Anime will always be better than Dc/marvel, on average.

goldwyncq157d ago

Based on what? For every good anime there are hundreds more generic shows filled with mindless fanservice and nonsensical plots.

FinalFantasyFanatic156d ago

KH2 was the pinnacle of the franchise, it's all downhill from that point.