Persona Developers Making New...Persona

Kotaku: Katsura Hashino's last two previous credits were as director and producer of PS2 role-playing games Persona 3 and Persona 4. In a recent interview with Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation, Hashino stated, "We are preparing to start work on the next Persona."

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xztence3493d ago

on ps3 please, multiple endings and more things to do!
bring it on atlus.

The Killer3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

for like 40 hours and i still was doing the same thing fighting the same enemies in taturus and making friendship very slowly!!!

what a waist of precious time!! i could have learned HTML and PHP in that time!!!

truly games r a waist of time!!

also the game involved biblical teachings and way of writing!! and the 12 o'clock hour is suppose to be the devil hour in the biblical teachings!! the game is a fail in all aspects!! probably thats why it didnt sell well and is not famous!!

i understand that sometimes we need to chill and a funny or exciting game could relax a person, but when u have to play 40-100 hours on a game doing almost the same thing is purely time killing!!

Baka-akaB3493d ago

lol even the western sales are considered a big success .
Troll harder or die trying .

Redempteur3493d ago

you're either a troll

or you just dislike dongeon rpgs ...
i think you're a troll since you don't even spell corectly the name of the game you're supposed to have played ..

Reibooi3493d ago

If the rumors are true the game didn't just enter development it's been in development in some form or another for about 6 or so months but the entire team was split up after P3F(Half went on to make P4 and the other half went on to make P3 PSP) Now that they are back together the team can really get moving.

What I am really wondering is if they are going to try to push the graphics at all. I mean Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga were some very good looking games on the PS2 so if they wanted I bet they could make P5 look really good. Considering how popular the series has gotten I think it would be a good idea.

That said they could make it look exactly like P3 and P4 and I would still buy it day one. It's the game play itself that makes the Persona games incredible not the graphics.

3493d ago
The Killer3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

my point is it is time killing!!

i played the game till the end of the second block of taturus!! floor 56th or something like that!!

and i made some social links, like about 7, magician, strength, fool, and others!! i made personas and mixed them until level 27!!
1 persona called Lamia, it is a female with some hair!! and about the risque which my team had to do at night to save the girl with blue hair i can go on and on!! the girl with the blue hair have very good abilities to scan enemies and detect them!! should i go on??

the game was a time killer!!! and if someone wants to kill time i think it is better to see a mental doctor!!

last good RPG i played was FF10!! the rest is just time killing!! with few exceptions!!

i am not trolling!! but i was so pissed when i saw how many hours i played and yet i am like in the beginning and almost nothing happened!!! i have very few places to go to!! if u go to a shop or eat something then the whole day passes away, and i have to wait another day to make social links etc!!

what a waist and yet people defending such game!!!


the game did mention many religions but it is so much on the biblical side!! any way, it is true what the doctor teacher said, about devils!! u simply need to make contract with them in order to gain their support and magic!! i was a bit surprised that they mentioned such things in a game like that!!!

who ever doesnt believe in the jinns/devils and angels and God is a blind person and should see this movie to wake up from the illusion world we live in:


thanks for the understanding, many like to jump up and down and attack before they think twice!! yes all games r waist of time, but there is games like it is worth the time u spent since to deliver so much quality and fun time going through the experience!! and some games u r just repeating things over and over!! that is the worst of killing time games!!

and usually i liked to pick up the first series of any game on the console i have, because usually i dont want to miss important things in the past, but thanks for the advice and i will think about trying persona 4!!

Jikla3493d ago

I don't understand what you're saying killer. Every game is a WASTE of time. In the time you are playing games you could go out doing community services, hang out with friends, pick up chicks etc But hey, I like games and don't think it's that much of a waste. But I respect your opinion and understand what you're saying. I didn't like Persona 3 so much, but Persona 4 was a 65 hour game I had a lot of fun with and it's easily on my top 10 list of best games ever played. Maybe you should play Persona 4 instead.

3493d ago
ClownBelt3493d ago

Leave it as it is. He wouldn't understand it even if you go back and forth for 5 hours.

Redempteur3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

So basically you tried the game ..thinking it was a easy game and got turn off by the difficulty ?

" Persona 3:FES " is about management of your skills , or your time, it's about making the good decisions while exploring an unknown territory ... you just got turn off by the challenge of the game ( or what it because you saw something religious ??)... so i'll say this .." go play ff10 ! ".i bet you can't play anything else ...

i'm playing a video game and it's a waste of time ... i could go water the flowers in the neighborhood but instead i'm playing this damn video game ..

i dunno if it's pathetic or just plain idiotic on your part ..

Why are you playing video games when you could contribute to society ??? why are you wasting your time posting here , shouldn't you be reading your local newspaper instead ?

ps: you're a joke .. if you reached the end of 2nd part of the tower , you should be at least in the third or fourth month , so plenty of time to enjoy the stories ( social link ) , there plenty of stories to read and enjoy for all types of people yet you're complaining that nothing happenned ..that's probably because you don't want things to happen

The Killer3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

read newspaper?? LOL thats one of the tools for the Illuminati to control u!! basically all media outlets r under their control with very few exceptions.


persona 3 FES is far from being hard for me, in fact i think its too easy!! maybe thats why i spent 40 or 60 hours in just the beginning!! thats because i do a lot of fighting!! so it is very easy for me!! no challenge at all!!!

so no, its not hard for me and it isnt a proof of anything!!

to be honest, when i first started the game i was so excited and it looked so cool!! but after 20 hours of play and reaching my 40 or 60 hours i started to get really pissed off!!

actually i would like to play FF10 again!! what a beautiful game!! but dont have that much time to spare on these games!! i mostly play COD4 online these days!! at least i get real challenge when playing with humans!!

any way i really want to play GOD3 and MGS4!! they surely look deserving to be played!!

have fun guys and dont kill time or time will kill u!!(we have a say that says: "that the time is like a sword, if u dont cut the sword then the sword will cut u") just keep it fun and i dont mean to offend anybody!!

it was in my opinion!!

and as a present watch the link i posted above!!!

Redempteur3493d ago

i'm really sorry to state the cold hard truth but if you spend 40 hours ( 60 really ? ) into persona3 yet you are only at the 2nd part of the tartarus ...
Whatever slow pace you may have that's impossible ...
you claim to have reach some social link yet you only use the first one availables and you don't seem to realise that the fool arcana only rank up while doing the story ( something you don't seem to have done )

In any case , "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG" .

Anyone who has played the game know that's you're saying nonsense On these points your opinion won't matter in front of the facts ..

What you are saying doesn't make any sense ..

Thus i conclude ... you're a troll.

3492d ago
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ceedubya93493d ago

PS3/360 please. Time to move on to the current gen home consoles now.

mastiffchild3493d ago

You think there's a market across both platforms for Persona? Considering 90% of it's sales will be in Japan we'll be fortunate if we get a PS3 version in the west! Imagining a profit for a 360 version of a Persona game is highly ambitious I feel.

I just want ANY version to come out in the west and,to ,e, PS3 is the only possibility unless MS want to throw money at a VERY niche but great series.

miyakoS3493d ago

I don't think Persona is that niche anymore.

Hm... I'd prefer if Persona 5 didn't come out on the DS though. Though I like my DS games, I miss the lack of voice acting in many of them q.q

Baka-akaB3493d ago

It is quite a bit niche , but then again so are pretty much most jrpg besides final fantasy (or a few handheld ones like pokemon) , in the west .

HOwever of course they can market it in the west . Especially with features like Urban settings and a bit of horror and adult themes .

miyakoS3493d ago

q.q I'm part of a niche market lol

time to hide in a closet ^^

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sakura20093493d ago

its coming to wii or ps3

RealityCheck3493d ago

It is based off an interview with a Japanese Playstation magazine, so at least PS3 or PSP.

Baka-akaB3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I'm very happy , but at the same time , i wish they'd cool off persona project , wich they did non stop . And finally did Shin megami Tensei 4 as planned .

miyakoS3493d ago

well Atlus did Devil Survivor and just released Strange Journey for the DS so there's that. Plus the Devil Summoner stuff that I haven't really followed. So I wouldn't say they've been churning out Persona nonstop, though I can kind of understand your feelings

Baka-akaB3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Still that's not the same as a proper Shin megami tensei . Devil summoner is a much a megami tensei title than persona ... wich is to say not at all ... especially when there has been dozen of spin offs .
They just share monsters and a few loose details .

Again i'm not throwing dirt at any of them , since i love anything megaten and persona related . But it has been a long time since a new one (megaten 3 : Nocturne in 2003) .

And the main serie still has a feature the persona games and spin offs usually still lack among other key smt features... the possibility to make choices and join sides , or remain neutral even .

Redempteur3493d ago

Very happy ..
About that new persona , i don't care about graphics ..what i want them is to keep the "touch" , the atmosphère ,that the last 2 personas had ( 3 & 4 ).
THEN if they update it up to PS3 graphics , that would be awesome ..

NeoBasch3493d ago

So stoked. I'd love to see a new SMT IP, but Persona 3/4 are two of my favorite games. I'm all for another installment. Don't care which system it's for. ATLUS will do wonders!

Infernostew3493d ago

I agree. I love the persona series but I would love even more to see a new SMT main series games on an HD console, just PS3. I mean the last SMT games on home consoles were persona 3, 3:FES and 4 so a new side story/spinoff or main story game is long overdue. Hell, persona is always welcome and I'll play the sh!t out of the newest installment.... unless it's a 360 exclusive....fat chance.

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