Champions Online: Console Version Ruled Out

GamerZines: Cryptic Studios have finally put all those console development rumours to bed by declaring on the official forums that they don't have any plans to port Champions Online.

"100% of our focus is on making the current PC product the best it can be," explained the Cryptic's chief operating officer. "There are no current plans for a console version of Champions."

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3500d ago

whenever they say 'current plans' it doesn't rule it out.

Baka-akaB3500d ago

when you go from "we are developping a 360 version" to "no current plan" , and after so many months , i think it's safe to assume it's dead .

And they have too many issues ans anger to quell already over the pc version to consider the console right now .

Letros3500d ago

You don't want this crap anyway.

Brklynty13500d ago

Its M$ fault, they can't ever get a subscription MMO on their console due to the Live rules or whatever, nobody is gonna want to pay for 2 things to get 1 thing.

Corrwin3500d ago

The more MMORPGs on console the better - it's a perfect platform because everybody has the same set-up, instead of upping the graphics each update, they can concentrate on new content :)

Brklynty13500d ago

Champions Online was a very big let down. Everyone was hoping it would beat out CoH/V but it was just as boring as it. The only good thing about it is the customization it has. DC Universe, imo will be slightly better because SCEO knows how to make a decent mmo, just look at Free Realms. Also Gazillion will be make the Marvel Universe game sometime in the future. Blame M$, Cryptic had the game ready for 360.

Corrwin3500d ago

Calm down!

I didn't mean it in a bad way - it's called sarcasm. I'm very much looking froward to DCU :)

Saryk3500d ago

They don’t up the graphics on MMOs. Once a MMO is released, the graphics stay the same. You might be able to go in the options and change settings, but that is it.

Corrwin3500d ago

It does depend how long the MMO is around for - Eve being one that had a massive graphical upgrade, years after release.

Baka-akaB3500d ago

hum no saryk , just no .

Most mmo (aside from f2p junk) massively update their games over the years .

silvacrest3499d ago

funny enough city of heroes will have a graphics bump on their next update

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