GPU Cooling Mod Cures RROD

Apparently it was a bad design on microsofts part, the Optical DVD drive is placed too closely to the GPU.

The DVD drive needs to be removed, placed externally. A fan needs to be placed on the Heat sink over the GPU this cures the problem.

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ps3ftwin4814d ago

Its great if that works on an out of warranty Xbox. Though that looks terrible.

skip2mylou4814d ago

wtf? tht looks like their was a parasite attached to it

EvilBlackCat4814d ago

here come the RROD news waves again on the internet!

likedamaster4814d ago

Here's a better solution albeit much more costly.

Millah4813d ago

Microsoft engineers, the best and brightest minds on planet Earth.


Sheikh Yerbouti4813d ago

They'll say it is a Net360, digital download only like the PSPgo, but it really is a way to "recoup" on all those RROD'd 360s they have in a warehouse in Jersey.

ludabenza4813d ago

The best solution was for Microsoft to have never released the 360 so early at the expense of its consumers. That way they could have product tested the console before they released it.

Yeah I know many people may argue that paid off, because they wanted to beat Sony to the market. However that was at the expense to the end user. I know what I would rather at least and that would have been for Microsoft to delay the release of the 360 for at least 6 months perhaps longer.

MmaFanQc4813d ago

simply buy a ps3 and voila!

badz1494813d ago (Edited 4813d ago )

@likedamaster - how's that a solution? add another 10 bucks, you can buy a new elite with the cost of that beast!

@MmaFanQc - WTH? buying a PS3 won't play you any Halo Reach nor Gears2!

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Corrwin4814d ago (Edited 4814d ago )

Really? No way!

I thought it was like swine flu!

Glad somebody figured it out in the end.... 4 years later.

I seem to recall having a 10 year old GFX card for my PC that had a bloody fan on it. Did MS think the 360 would just be too loud with one more fan?

mauleriscool4814d ago

Would have not been an issue if they used one of those small laptop type dvd drives. Then the gpu would have a normal heat sink and could have probably fit another fan in there.

champ214814d ago

True lol. I recall the Riva TNT 2 from Nvidia was about the time Gpus started coming out with fans that was back in 1999.

How could Microsoft releasing a system in 2006 ignored the inclusion of a fan.

lonix4814d ago

Fact is fans cost money!!

Corrwin4814d ago

True... But a lot less than Extended Warranties.

sikbeta4814d ago

Good point Corrwin, I was going to say the same thing...

Corrwin4814d ago

But where would the beer go?


Sorry... I get worked up when something happens to my medicine :|

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