10 Highly Anticipated PC Games in 2010

Here's a list of the most highly anticipated games for the PC expected out within the year: GG

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t8503491d ago

starcraft 2 Crysis 2 :P

Zalset3491d ago

Yea no one cares about Diablo 3... -_-'

Zalset3491d ago

bah, its not even coming this year it seems. asd

chak_3491d ago

max payne 3? splinter? prince of persia?

WTF is that list

dirthurts3491d ago

About all 3 of those. However not so much about the DRM...

GrilledCheeseBook3491d ago

kane and lynch somehow beat out SC2

pwneddemocrat3491d ago

Singularity looks promising
those features amazed me

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