Guerrilla Beat Back by Bungie

NextGN writes: "Back in January and February of this year the Internet was buzzing with Killzone 3 rumors. Official PlayStation Magazine also teased it's readers with news of a big reveal in the coming months. Even our sources blushed whenever we mentioned Killzone 3. It seems as though there has been a sudden weather change; all of the sudden everything is quiet. Even officials are extremely hush on the subject. We've been told there's little to no chance that Killzone 3 will be released this year."

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PeterPanParadox3490d ago

Going up against Reach could be potential suicide. I was kind of hoping for a 2010 release, but I can wait. BFBC2 :D

Strange_Evil3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Why would it be a suicide? It's not like both are gonna release in the same platform and so both won't affect each others sales, infact, the amount of hype and fanboy war both would have created would even bring the Internet down since last time both KZ2 and Halo 3 were hyped like the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.. Imagine the madness when both of their sequel arrive together!!!

And no, KZ3 in no way would be over shadowed mainly cause the hype it will get will be crazy.. It will not do Halo numbers, but in terms of quality and hype be rest assured KZ3 will be on the same scale.

But I never expect KZ3 to release this year.. It will most probably be announced this year, but will probably be coming out next year. Then we will have KZ3 vs Gears 3 lol the war for the Graphics Crown begins next year....

@Pirate... Well you can at least count on Internet hype lol.

PirateThom3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

There's a hype issue to deal with. Killzone will never get Halo hype, Microsoft, if threatened, would throw everything at Halo advertising. Sony wouldn't for Killzone.

There's enough multiplatform owners who would take Halo over Killzone, reducing potential sales.

Basically, it doesn't make sense, unless your game is called "Call of Duty" to release at the same time as Halo, which is something else Killzone would be competing against and that is on PS3.

PeterPanParadox3490d ago

I suppose you are right... Gears of War 3 definitely be interesting. :)

ChozenWoan3490d ago

thanks to KZ2 and now GoW3. I expect this new tradition to continue with KZ3 as it Marches into stores world wide.

Digitaldude3490d ago

KZ3 can't match reach in sales due to rabid halo fanboys but in Quality definately so.

DelbertGrady3490d ago

How do you measure quality? Or did you mean graphics? In that case Killzone 2 wins easily. But if you look at the storyline, controls, multiplayer and overall gameplay balancing it can't compete.

As much as you want to blame it all on hype and "teh M$" throwing money at gamers and whatnot, the core reason to why Halo has achieved such greatness is because Bungie keeps giving gamers what they want. Great games.

BattleAxe3490d ago

How long has Reach been in development for, 8 months? I'm skeptical about the quality.

Varodor3490d ago

i want to say my opinion like in the article but i afraid to be baned)

coolfool3490d ago

Did anyone really expect a 2010 release for this?

I thought it was generally accepted that it would be a 2011 release, probably around April because Resistance 3 would be released this Christmas. This, in effect, would mirror what happened with Resistance 2 and Killzone 2.

Anyway, this is my prediction, we will see if it happens that way.

monkpunk13490d ago

Midnight openings for KillZone and Halo fans... That sounds awesome fighting in the shops lol

People dressed as Helghast and Master Chief.... Maybe not in the UK though....

Syronicus3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Halo would release this year around the Fall time frame and Killzone would release around February/March of 2011. There would be plenty of time for gamers to save for both. To say that Killzone 3 is getting beat back by Halo Reach is silly fanboy talk.

badz1493490d ago

storyline, controls, multiplayer...dude, those are subjective things! in term of stories, neither Halo nor KZ2 stands out to be better than the other because they are pretty standard (not going too far to call them generic) to be honest! but are you suggesting that KZ2 doesn't have a great control/gameplay and MP? it's just that Halo has an avid followers and more noob-friendly that makes it THE game it is now and more popular than any other shooters out there but KZ2 is far from mediocre but is actually great! most popular game doesn't make it the best! MW2 is the best example for this!

legoman8643490d ago

Halo Reach has been in development since the release of Halo 3, or for 3 years when it releases.

SoX FireBlade3490d ago

come on KZ2's controls were horrible, alot of people will agree about that the other things are fine in KZ2 but this is Halo

it's great in every way story, controls and specially MP

sikbeta3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )


You don't get what's the Problem with KZ2, KZ2 can't be compared with games like COD and such, for example, every time I read or see someone "arguing" about KZ2 always bring the Controls, [0-skills] kids always complain about the "lag" but never realise that it wasn't "lag", it's something LOGICAL to make the controls "heavier" cuz in a Realistic way, you can't handle something Heavy like if it's "feather" and when you tell them that, they go with the same "is not Fun" BS, so what's fun for them?, ZERO-Skills FPS games

Danny Dan3490d ago

I don't know if anyone followed the music business back in ... what... 2008? What do you guys think of pulling the same thing Kanye West VS 50 Cent did, and doing the same with Halo: Reach VS Killzone 3. The underdog of sales, Killzone 3 would easily feed off the marketing blitz from Halo. Every interview, every article and every person would mention Killzone when speaking about Halo.

Only drawback is would Killzone 3 be ready by the time Halo arrives?

Christopher3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Soo... because Guerilla isn't releasing their game one year after their last one... it's because of Halo?

While I wouldn't doubt the business sense in not pitting one FPS against another, this type of argument just isn't very sound and gives way too much credit to the Halo series considering typical development cycles are every other year and not annually.

@Danny Dan: I think that's a horrible idea. I want good video games, not idiotic marketing stunts.

Noble Spartan3490d ago

I love to see if they did do it...mass destruction where they will go backrupt. Halo Reach will eclipse everything. Also Killzone 1 was utter failure. Killzone 2? What the heck did that do? Went unnoticed aswell.

"Guerrilla just may not have the courage to face Bungie’s best selling IP on the market with fear that Halo: Reach could possibly eclipse Killzone 3"

Noble Spartan3490d ago

Oh well they are afraid, Gears Of War 3 ? I guess they better aviod that aswell hahaha release with some unknown games. As these games will own it serverly.

WhittO3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

No, I think the reason is because Resistance 3 will be launching this year and they don't want 2 of their exclusive shooters going head to head

(Like the last Killzone 2 launch window was moved for Resistance 2)

I'm looking forward to R3 more just because I think they will make a huge improvement in terms of visuals and gameplay over the second, plus I prefer the story to Resistance, just have to see where they take it after the end of the second haha.

But I really cant wait until they show Killzone 3, hoping for a ':O' showing at E3 to steal the show again, if they second looks that good, can only imagine what it looks like with improvements etc.

raztad3490d ago

When was KZ3 a 2010 release? article is full of fail. KZ3 is not even announced yet and people is speculating it was a 2010 release, come on.

GT5 is Sonys weapon of mass destruction for this year. On the FPS side of things, I'm waiting for R3 to be announced at E3 and Sony giving it the proper support. IMO the chances for a 2010 KZ3 are very minimal and has nothing to do with Halo:Reach.

Foliage3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

That's cute, those devs who can't manage to make a game in anything but SD want to be mentioned alongside the graphical powerhouse Killzone 2.... pathetic really.

Oh Bungie... you should be glad you had Microsoft's hype behind you, otherwise you wouldn't seel a single copy.

Foliage3490d ago

"When was KZ3 a 2010 release? article is full of fail. KZ3 is not even announced yet and people is speculating it was a 2010 release, come on. "

...because a lot of a certain kind of media folk like to create BS release dates on Sony games, and then write a draft for a future article immediately afterward on how it was delayed...

isa_scout3490d ago

KZ3 will be great IF they inlcude co-op and refine the controls a bit more. I really enjoyed KZ2 but it could have been so much more. Halo:Reach will already have everything gamers want from KZ3. If I was Sony I would be careful too.

palaeomerus3490d ago

" Why would it be a suicide? It's not like both are gonna release in the same platform and so both won't affect each others sales, "

For the most part I agree with this. Someone with only a 360 will not be likely to buy Killzone 3 (since it would also require buying a PS3) and likewise someone with only a PS3 is unlikely to buy Halo3 (and a 360).

Some people(like me) own both consoles and so, in theory, might prioritize one over the other. If both were out at the same time (and I wasn't flush with money) then I'd definitely get the new Halo game first, no question. But I'd still get Killzone 3 eventually, probably within a couple of months. I might wait for it to drop in price or go on sale if it got mixed reviews. Why? because I like sci-fi shooters.

vhero3490d ago

In terms of gameplay and graphics no doubt Killzone 3 would beat Halo hands down however the hype alone would make Halo crush Killzone in sales. Halo since Halo CE has sold on hype alone not great gaming and unfortunately Killzone however great it has been has been under appreciated. Not to say Halo since CE has been good.. Just average compared to other shooters.

ThanatosDMC3490d ago

^ I cant believe i wasted money on BC2. It's a huge downgrade from how BF2 was. Looks pretty though on max settings but it felt so empty. There's 32 player maps but i still feel it's empty.

They should at least up the players to 64 like in BF2 and also let people go prone since it's way easy to be spotted.

There's really no going back after MAG...

Sheikh Yerbouti3490d ago

ODST had a separate team working on it while the Reach team - the core Halo programmers - worked on what appears to be a Halo for this generation of gamers.


Game on.

3490d ago
DaTruth3490d ago

I would be more afraid of GT5 than Reach! If I was Reach, I would be afraid!

Would be fun to see GT and Halo go up against each other!

DJexs3490d ago

ever think its just not ready? This is a fanboy trying to take shots and make other fanboys angry by saying our exclusive is better then yours. after a game is offically announced on average how long is it until it is released? around a year on average I would say therefore it can't be released in 2010 it still has yet to even see a proper announcement, stage demo, or floor demo.

Marquis_de_Sade3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Same old people saying the same old nonsense, this place has become so predictable, you only need to look at the user name and you can safely guess what the comment will be like.

Both games will no doubt be good, but people like Vhero making such outlandish remarks about KZ3 crushing Halo gameplay wise need to grow up a little, gameplay is very much subjective. Graphically I'm expecting big things from KZ3, although I prefer the visual styling of Halo, KZ2 raised the bar for console FPS graphics, that's not really up for debate. I did spend a lot more time playing Halo 3 though, it's a riot with mates online and delivers the complete mutliplayer package for consoles, I expect Reach to take this to a whole new level.

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Evil Industry3490d ago

KZ2 vs Halo Reach! Both games I am extremely hyped for.

TooTall193490d ago

KZ2 has been out for over a year. Go and play it cause it's awesome! Halo: Reach is being compared to GG's first game on ps3 (3rd game the studio's ever made). That is a huge compliment to GG.

SixZeroFour3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

^^ and killzone2 along with many other fps' on ps3 where compared to halo 3, bungies first halo on 360, whats your point? both are great games

btw, a killzone 3 release in 2011, would make that 3 releases in 7 years, i hope theres no more "halo is being milked" comments, or they will have to add their favorite franchise in the mix

Kleptic3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

^^uh the 'milking' of halo didn't start until Halo 3...and at the end of this year it will have been 4 halo titles in 3 years...2 came out within months of each other...and one was just an expansion pack with halo 3's full multiplayer released at full price...THAT is milking it...hell thats milking a franchise to the point where even EA and Acti are blushing...

So until we have Killzone 3, Killzone $pack, Killzone: Grab(?), and Killzone Wars: A mediocre RTS...all on the same platform inside of 3 years...I think it will be ok...

RockmanII73489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

A franchise isn't milked until the games are no longer fun to play. Sonic is milked, Tony Hawk is milked, Halo isn't milked.

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FiLTHY GAMER3490d ago

Beaten back by Bungie? No. More like they just need more time for development.

IndigoProductions3490d ago

is plenty of time for development, especially considering that KZ3 was in development while KZ2 was... but yeah, 2011 release is fine with me.

edhe3490d ago

Hm, there are a few games i'd never want a game i'd ever potentially release to go up against on the shelves and that includes anything by bungie, bioware, infinity ward, blizzard, epic, santa monica, EA Sports or a nintendo first party game.

Bring on digital distribution where shelf space isn't a bargaining chip.

xbotpleasefixme3490d ago

Reach will kill every game this year PERIOD

Jikla3490d ago

We'll see when the year is coming to an end. But My guess is that Mafia 2 or red dead redemption will win this year :/

ipe3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

In eu and japan gt5 ll crush reach be sure in that.
In us reach might have slight edge.

but overall reach cant touch gt.

redsquad3490d ago

If you only obsess about sales then your probably right.

awesomeperson3490d ago

Kill every game in sales, possibly, kill every game in straight gameplay, in my opinion no.

Even in sales it might stumble next to GT5

Gt5 will sell both systems AND software. Everyone who WANTS Halo has already got a 360 for it, with so many Halo games released so far.

People who want a PS3 just for GT might not have, seeing as theres only being prologue out so far. Also while Halo isn't that mindblowing, and probably dosen't apeal to the casual person, GT5 does due to its racing game base and well know knowledge.

Noble Spartan3490d ago

Killzone 2 had excellent graphics...unfortunately thats all its going for.... The game was average FPS when it was released. No one plays it anymore. Heck it got forgetton within first few days for realease. I guess Killzone 2 not up there with FPS titans yet. hopefully can with KZ3.

But now just another unknown generic FPS.

redsquad3490d ago

Wow, apart from the graphics bit you're pretty much wrong on every single count. If KILLZONE 2 is an "average FPS" then so is Halo. The Guerilla game has a unique look and feel that has earned it a LOT of fans - Fans who are as dedicated to it as fans of the Bungie franchise are to their game.

And I play KZ2 virtually every day - Single player campaign too.

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Gradient3490d ago

And who exactly is your source.