The Top 3 Kill Streaks in MW2 Are... writes: If you want to be successful in Modern Warfare 2 you must have the perfect combination of kill streaks. It's what can separate your score from going 10 – 10 to 22 – 6. I've gone plenty of matches stuck on low kills and high deaths due to bad timed or 1 kill short of a kill streak. Well the votes are in for the top 3 voted Killstreaks in MW2. Guess which one made the list…

What are you 3 Kill Streaks you always use? Do you ever change them depending on the game you're playing?

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Hotel_Moscow3498d ago

oh thats easy camp harrier chopper nuke

or if you really want to kill alot of people

camp pred harrier pavelow nade repeat

-Alpha3497d ago

I just do Care package, Predator, Harrier, or UAV, Care package, Predator.

I use Hardline too, so basically I keep rewarding myself for a simple 2 killsteak. It's much better than camping for the Harrier, Chopper, and Nuke strategy.

Burn this game to hell anyway, I love BC2.

DanyBrown3497d ago

there is a possible alan wake spoiler in the comments some douche has it in his name

MAR-TYR-DOM3497d ago

i just do nothing, cause personally i hate this game (i will admit that it is a decent game though, i just dont like it). I'd much rather play classic CoD4 over this and recently with school i stick to single player games like god of war 3 and uncharted 2!

benihya3498d ago

don't care, stopped playing the day battlefield came out, and will sell it the day the map pack come out (hopeful the value go back to $45)

mrjuandrful3498d ago

Is Battlefield THAT much better? I love my MW2

-Alpha3497d ago

Battlefield is just different, and has less BS. The game is better tuned, much more balanced, and a great team experience.

Whether its better is completely subjective but it's pretty apparent that the game itself is much better designed than MW2.

ryano232773497d ago

But MAG, KZ2 & BFBC2 are better online games than MW2.

& I too enjoyed the play time I had with MW2.
The dual wield Shotgun & the over the top knife kills turned me off.

RayRay363497d ago

I go Harrier Chopper Nuke. Ive gotten a nuke like... 20 times so far. Just within these past few weeks too. My longest K/S is 41. Imma beast, and thats the only reason I like MW2. If I wasnt excellent at it, theres no point to play it.

poindat3497d ago

Trouble is that you're only beast BECAUSE of the killstreaks. It has nothing to do with you being excellent at the game.

There's no point in playing it.

RayRay363497d ago

Is that right? Well, I like how people tell me why Im good, but have never seen me play. When I got my last nuke, on Favela, the only killstreak kills I got were on my harrier, I got 2. My chopper got taken out immediatley by a harrier. So I had 22 kills (Hardline) with a gun.

HOSe3497d ago

i only play 6 vs 6 tdm express where getting the nuke is damn near impossible.. i really like harrier - ead - pavelow... or airstrike - harrier - pavelow..

jadenkorri3497d ago

predator missile, precision air strike and harrier strike, once you got 5 kills, your guaranteed 1 or 2 kills with the pred missile, which then unlocks the next 2. My alliance mates bring uav, and i request it and i bomb, i swear i played 1 whole game and had a harrier in the sky 90% of the time on afghan, they kept hiding in the middle which was easy pickings.

Subzero200x3497d ago

lol how would you even know their legit coming from mwf2.

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