IGN Review: Prison Break: The Conspiracy

IGN writes: "In the wonderful world of videogaming, there's only one thing worse than the movie license: the primetime television show tie-in. Let's take a quick look at some of the most recent examples in the genre: 24: The Game, The Sopranos: The Road to Respect and Lost: Via Domus.

All great shows, all terrible games. Mercifully Ubisoft had the good sense to cancel its proposed game based on the Heroes franchise (too bad the show's creators never took the same initiative), otherwise we would most likely be throwing it on the same reject pile too. "

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farhsa20083496d ago

noooo, i love prison break and i want to get this, being a fan of the show i cant miss out

Beast_Master3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Just looking at the score and gonna guess greg Miller reviewed this... Checking and ...wrong. Really someone was considering buying this?

Gmarino3496d ago

I really love prison break, it was an epic show right from S01E01 to the end.

Such a disappointment of a game though. Luckily i had no real hopes for this game as move-game tie ins are always bad...

Still a shame though....

unrealgamer583496d ago



giga lol

omega lol