GameZone: FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Review

GameZone writes: "After last year's success, it's little surprise Ultimate Team returns in FIFA 10, albeit sporting a welcomed overhaul. Although immensely fun, FIFA 09's expansion offered painfully slow menus, lacked any real depth, and was certainly rough round the edges. Despite that, it sold like fizzy cherry pop at a kid's disco, and had all of its buyers screaming manically out of excitement. Offering a more in-depth, sleeker experience this year, it's no wonder football fans are once again donning their smartest jackets, combing their hair to one side and practising their Italian accent, as the chance to create the ultimate team is a lure too powerful to resist."

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Splidders3499d ago

Looks alright but I can't imagine spending on it myself.

athmaus3499d ago

same....never been a soccer fan

athmaus3499d ago

actually the game looks really boring -_-

Nakerman3499d ago

If you call it 'soccer', that's probably why! :P

Maximum Yuks3499d ago

Never been a huge footie fan, but FIFA 10 was a pretty good game.

NYCGirl093499d ago

not the biggest soccer fun but Ill play of someone buys!

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