Scrap Metal Review (resumeplay)

Scrap Metal is the latest XBLA release relating to the Xbox Live Block Party. It's a quirky racing game reminiscent of the Twisted Metal series.

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CheatsMcGee3491d ago

Interesting game. Sounds like it's worth checking out at some point.

SKGamer3491d ago

Kind of sounds like a top-down Burnout, with all of those different modes. Wasn't a huge fan of Burnout, but then I was expecting an actual racing game.

If this has any of the humor and action of Twisted Metal, I think I'd love it. When I get more points I'll give it a go.

Nice review, thanks!

VenerableBmoney3491d ago

Twisted Metal is a good comparison. And I always dug the mini racing games with super arcadey elements. I'll try the trial, and give my thoughts after that. But games like these are a dime a dozen, and hopefully this does something sellable and different.

SKGamer3491d ago

You mean the indie or XBLA games are dime a dozen, or the arcadey-racer types?

Cuz the XBLKA games usually are very different. If you mean racers, I'd like to know which other ones are out there to try... cuz I was just remembering how much fun I had with similar games on my gameboys.

mau643491d ago

Seems interesting enough

rogue06743491d ago

Nice review, I'm def going check this game out.