3DS will be playable at E3

Nintendo has confirmed that their newest handheld system will be playable at E3.

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mjolliffe3499d ago

Same for me :)

Look forward to seeing it at E3 :D


Backwards compatibility FTW!

eagle213498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Just joking, Day 1 for me too. :)

I haven't upgraded my DS since my launch silver "phat" in 2004. I've been really patient. :)

E3 will be awesome for Ninty.

Thank you Nintendo for announcing this before the DSi XL launches next week. They probably didn't want to upset anyone come E3. :)

FragGen3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

If this Fails as badly technology and software library wise as the DS did I'll take a wait and see approach on it and see what the competition brings.

I've got a phat day one silver DS that's an awesome dust collector; while I use my day one PSP daily for music, movies, comic books, and more hardcore gamer oriented games than what the DS has to offer.

Sony's second generation PSP is sure to pwn this thing hardware-wise.

vhero3498d ago

I still think this is gonna be stupidly expensive considering how expensive the technology for 3D is right now without the glasses anyways. LCD tvs without this tech are nearly double in price! Cannot see this costing less than a PS3! Also a shot at MS really who said 3D ain't the future of gaming really ain't it?

mikeslemonade3498d ago

Not buying it. You Sony fans fail me. How can you support Nintendo?

TheHardKore3498d ago

Maybe it's because they want to enjoy games that don't come from sony instead of being blind fanboys.

Dark General3498d ago

I got to say I'm highly interested. I'm one of the few people who never brought a DS (or PsP for that matter) because I just wasn't interested in the same ole handheld games. If the new 3D machine Nintendo puts out is a bit powerful (like a underpowered Gamecube) I'll probably be all over it.

Either way they have my full attention for once in the last 6 years or so.

Noctis Aftermath3498d ago

If you want a rough idea of what the graphics will be like go watch a 480p video of resident evil 4 gamecube version.

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-Mezzo-3499d ago

Certainly day 1 for me as well, but i hope it's not the final shape in the picture.

Valay3499d ago

If you're talking about the image in this submission, don't worry. That's just a random mock up design.

smash-brother-103498d ago

get used to seeing lots of mock up designs until we find out officially what it will look like at e3

Ziriux3499d ago

I'm glad that E3 sent me my Press Badge than.

Valay3499d ago

Makes me wish I was going to E3 now. Although there's nothing like opening up a box and holding a new system in your hands for the first time.

smash-brother-103498d ago

So true, I remember opening my n64 on release day playing sm64, nothing has compared to that moment in gaming for me

Natsu X FairyTail3499d ago

LOL DAMN! I guess they've been working on this for a while.

2011 release no doubt. DAY1

Michael-Jackson3498d ago

I might wait for the revision (it's likely going to happen), well the launch DS was flawed but DSlite made it much better.

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The story is too old to be commented.