Upcoming Xbox 360 Titles That Can Settle the Score

With the PlayStation 3 on a crushing momentum, what does the Xbox 360 have to offer in the upcoming months? Well, you would be surprise to learn that they have a strong lineup just around the corner.

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Natsu X FairyTail3499d ago

It's a great lineup to my eyes but I'm not going to lie I would of liked for Microsoft to bring more variety.

Cajun Chicken3499d ago

Needs more Earth Defence Force.

Natsu X FairyTail3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I dont know if you're saying this in a sarcastic way but earth defense force is a really good arcade game. get a friend to play with you put the difficulty level to it's highest and try to finish the game. Great times.

Convas3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

That lineup is extremely aesthetically pleasing. But is a bit on the lacking side as I'll only be picking up 3 titles on that list, Halo: Reach, Alan Wake, and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

However, I'm going to wait for E3, to see what else we'll be getting this year before I start grumbling about this year's selection of games.

And I really don't think Crackdown 2's going to do all that much, I mean it's extremely fun and all, but it would have needed a fresh coat of graphical paint to really put a "dent" in the competition.

Cajun Chicken3499d ago

No, I seriously MEAN Needs MORE Earth Defence Force. I detected your sarcasm though...

Just to show what a fan I am. Crackdown and EDF2017, best exclusive games on 360.

ThanatosDMC3499d ago

Earth's Defense Force would be awesome. I just hope they take out the slowdown and let there online co-op.


More variety? You must want a little more Fable type games. Besides that what else is there to want?

gaffyh3499d ago

@Clizzz - Yeah I feel exactly the same, looking forward to Splinter Cell, Alan Wake, and will probably get Halo Reach but I'm completely unhyped for it. Nothing else really interests me, maybe portal 2, but dunno if that is worth buying for full price, also it will be cheaper on PC.

Mo0eY3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I think Microsoft needs to add a couple of more First/Third Person Shooters to the list. They seem to be lacking.

The Great Melon3499d ago

@Cajun Chicken

It is nice to hear people mention Earth Defense Force. Had a lot of fun with that game.

3499d ago
lelo2play3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

@zeeshan "I am sorry but that is one small disappointing list. Compare that with what Sony has already delivered in the first quarter of 2010"

You got to be kidding ... or sarcastic? Sony has released all their big games for the first half of 2010, what remains? Releases were badly planed from Sony, leaving 3 months (April, May, June) with nothing exclusive to release... or ... do you expect modnation racers to be a great game, or big release for Sony? Tried the beta, gameplay was crap.

X360 console biggest exclusives for the first half of 2010: Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, Crackdown 2.
PS3 console biggest exclusives for the first half of 2010: MAG, Heavy Rain, God of War 3.

gaffyh3499d ago

@lelo - if you think that Gt5 isn't a big game you are stupid as it is arguably even bigger than Halo. Also The Last Guardian is the sequel to possibly the best game last gen, and that doesn't mean that's all that's coming. Sony were very smart investing in first party studios, it's started to reap rewards since february last year.

Christopher3499d ago

I'm not sure the 360 needs to settle the score. They do need more variety, but what they have is strong. And, without any sarcasm at all, would also love to have more Earth Defense Force.

lelo2play3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

@gaffyh "if you think that Gt5 isn't a big game you are stupid as it is arguably even bigger than Halo. Also The Last Guardian is the sequel to possibly the best game last gen, and that doesn't mean that's all that's coming."

Did you even read or understand my comment? I SAID THE FIRST HALF OF 2010. Are GT5 or The Last Guardian being released in the first half of 2010? They will probably be great games but are not going to be released in the first half of 2010, besides, The Last Guardian will most likely be released in 2011. For the next 3 months Sony has nothing exclusive worth having. That's why i said Sony had badly planed the releases of their exclusives for the first half of 2010.

Beast_Master3499d ago

What about Brute Force and Too Human Two were't they planed as trilogies?

gaffyh3499d ago

@lelo - Yes I DID read your comment, and I quote, "Sony has released all their big games for the first half of 2010, what remains?" I just told you what remains, GT5 (HUGE game, Sony's BIGGEST 1st party title in terms of sales) and The Last Guardian (SOTC sequel, one of, if not the best game last gen).

On top of that, there is ModNation as you mentioned, as well as 3D Dot Game Heroes, Trinity Universe, most likely Resistance 3. Also less likely, but possible, Agent (doubt it), and FF14 (not really exclusive though).

Still, I'm getting GT5, The Last Guardian, and Resistance 3 definitely from them. I'd like to also get ModNation Racers and 3D Dot Game Heroes if I can afford it.

Beast_Master3499d ago

So there is your answer.. Mod nation Racers then 3d Dot Heroes so expect to see 2 more games to score 8+ meta critic. And Jack Trenton just said on GTTV that "we have alot to talk about at E3. My guess is they have some stuff for fall that will blow us away. Socom and GT are huge as it is.

barom3499d ago

As a PS3 fan I find this year's lineup for 360 by far the best one the had. I think both SC and Alan Wake looks extremely good. Its the first time I'm actually excited for 360 exclusives (and I'm being totally honest here). I'm a huge MGS fan (hence PS3 fan) and SC is definitively my type, and I'm huge on single-player games so Alan Wake looks to be big on that.

I couldn't care less about the Gears Of War, Halo, Lost Planet, Crackdown, second-class JRPGs etc and even Mass Effect although this is more because I'm not into Sci-Fi, in fact it's a turn-off (had it had any other type of setting I'd be very interested).

otherZinc3499d ago

MAG sold horribly, WKC sold worse, Heavy Rain released at #10 NPD, so wtf is this guy talking about?

Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell:Conviction, Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, & the big unstoppable BANG: Halo:Reach, will show what momentum is all about!

1 true great game in Gow3 with nothing to follow isn't a display of momentum, its a display of 1 game.

blackmagic3499d ago

I would actually really, really like to see sequels to Rallisport Challenge and Crimson Skies on 360...

Digitaldude3499d ago

Not gonna lie, was expecting more.

Lightsaber3498d ago

Dont know why the didnt put Fable 3 down for Aug. Unless its delayed that the release date they gave it.

sid4gamerfreak3498d ago

The 360 doesn't need to settle any score. The lineup for the 360 is great and well planned by Microsoft. Thank the lord that the lineup for the 360 wasn't so bad as 09.

pangitkqb3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

In other words, it is good to see Sony becoming such a competitor. Competition will push both Msoft and Sony to their absolute best, benefiting the consumer.

Game on.

edgeofblade3498d ago

First, people need to stop worrying about what's exclusive and if there is a score to settle. I'm up for Halo: Reach and Blur as my games to watch right now.

Second, the rest of the year, for me at least, has been eaten by Halo: Reach after hearing about the multiplayer features. It's Sony's turn to step up. I don't doubt they can... I just need to see what games they have in mind for Move.

Third, GT5 is a graphics whore's dream. Not much more. That's why I'll be playing Blur... a game that's actually fun and not so up its own ass about being realistic...

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GR8 13499d ago

What Score?

xbox360 doesn't need to prove anything. Every xbox360 game sells and put's plenty of $$$ in developers pocket's because they can rely on xbox360 owners to purchase a game. u won't see xbox360 developers jumping to work on ps3 but u can guarantee ps3 developers are getting wary and will make the jump and start making games for xbox360. All these games will sell:

1. Halo Reach
2. Splinter Cell: Conviction
3. Alan Wake
4. Crack Down 2
5. Fable 3

All of these games are gonna set new world records in SALES u can't say the same for ps3 games sadly just take a look at GOW3 it hasn't even sold a Million embarrassing at least.

mrv3213499d ago

And me being a gamer who plays video games what do you think I'm more interested in?


On my personal level it's the games and their quality.

Mo0eY3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Alan Wake: flop -
Crackdown: flop -
Fable 1/2: flop -
Splinter Cell: Conviction: a multiplat. will pirate the superior version and play on my pirated copy of Windows XP
Halo: Reach: Another year, another Halo.


maniacf403499d ago

the bots can play on their deformed PC called a 3shltty

Defectiv3_Detectiv33499d ago

As impressive as the new Graphical Engine is, the new Halo Reach game looks a little too familiar...kinda like the same Halo we've all been playing for years with a few more new tweeks. And the story mode is a non-factor for me; first and foremost this is a MP experience. The story has never been a strength.

Not sure if Crackdown warranted a sequel. The first one was just O.K. but it didn't really excel in any particular way. This looks to be the case with the sequel, looks like a glorified expansion pack.

Digitaldude3499d ago

Debbuble for you.. oh wait..

DJexs3498d ago

Microsoft cannot claim anything made by VALVe (portal,l4d series,ect) exclusive because going by their rules they are PC exclusives those are pc games ported to the 360. I do not care about the other games but they cannot claim L4d series and portal and all other valve products xbox exclusive they are not even Xbox games they are PC games ported to xbox.

edgeofblade3498d ago


360/PC exclusive-but-not-really...

Ah, the one hastily constructed peg-leg some Sony droids are miraculously still hopping around on. I could just kick at that leg by pointing out how so many of these games are PS3 excludED and be done with it. If you want to play in on a PC, congratulations... you will very likely be playing it on a Microsoft Windows operating system. Either way, you are supporting Microsoft.

If this is all you have to say, you are grasping at straws and it's getting pathetic. Talk about God of War 3. Talk about Move. Talk about GT5. Just talk about something with some actual substance for a change, you snarky little ****.

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Jonas Brothers3499d ago

i'm noticing a lack of tits. i mean sony has given us 2 exclusives with tits... just saying.

Figboy3499d ago

wow. that's...surprising...

Digitaldude3499d ago

Rofl, bubbles for you my friend.

Ju3498d ago

I'm pretty sure they do, but they will never tell.

ActionBastard3499d ago

LOL @ settle the score. The character models in SC:C don't look as good as UC1. The gameplay however, was interesting. Even with the VATS-esque easy kill tag system, I liked Sam's mission being one of vengeance. All the other titles (with the exception of Halo) are a coin toss imo.

3499d ago
3499d ago
Silly gameAr3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

lol at blocky lego men. Enjoyed the SC:C demo though. Looking forward to Alan Wake too.

3499d ago
3499d ago
Nicaragua3499d ago

But you are the one that started the trashtalk, cant you even follow your own conversations ?

Action Bastard just stated in a quite civilised way that Uncharted looks better the SC:C which the gaming world would agree with.

Alas your time is all taken up being part of the bell-end world to be part of the gaming world... its good though, you should try it.

3499d ago
talltony3499d ago

Unlike you I actually own both consoles and I just played the splinter cell conviction demo and no way does it look better than uncharted 1. You can be in denial all you want but on my 52 inch Bravia. Their is a big diferrence in quality. The game may be good but it's not a technical marvel. It doesn't even run in HD so you are the one with the goggles on not anyone else.

3499d ago
Carlton Banks3499d ago

Lol, he says Uncharted 2 isn't out of the ordinary, and uses the old friends PS3 story.

Definition of a fanboy.

JD_Shadow3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )


From Foxgod's first comment in this tree:

"Go away, Uncharted 1 is one of the ugliest next gen games i have seen."

Even in the realm of opinion, it's wrong because we can name a million other games this gen across all the systems that looks a HELL of a lot worse that Uncharted. Anyone who's actually PLAYED it can tell you otherwise. Anyone who's played UC2 would tell you the exact opposite of what Foxgod thought about it.

No, it wasn't wise on Pennywise (no pun intended) to phrase it like that, but that still doesn't take away how uncreditable Foxgod's "opinion" was.

And what's with the common element of putting all PS3 "fanboys" in a box and somehow claiming that there somehow worse that any other fanboy? I'm still wondering how we got to that point.

BattleAxe3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Let me take things a step further.........It all boils down to the FACT that the XBOX 360 hardware is outdated. It uses DVDs and the Arcade doesn't come with a hard drive, plus it uses an outdated IBM Xenon processor, which is why you will never have a game on the 360 that looks anywhere near as good as Uncharted: Drakes Fortune.

Just look at how SquareEnix had to dumb down FF13 to work properly on the 360. Its simply not technically possible for a game to look better on the 360 if the devs max out the hardware. Comparing the 360 to the PS3 is like comparing PS2 graphics to the original XBOX.

Biggest3499d ago

That is plain mean. Mass Effect 2 is supposed to look extremely awesome compared to old games. You can't compare flat, boring, indoor areas to lush, jungle locales. Show the Mass Effect 2 pics where they're out in the beautiful world!

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Foxgod3499d ago

Great games, but nothing for the holidays, MS never had a holiday without new games, they must have something up their sleeves.

E3 cant come soon enough!

Mo0eY3499d ago

Ouch, Jedward. I'm sure you hurt a couple of folks' feelings with that one.

Convas3499d ago

Well, thank God some of us have thicker skin that you ehh Mooey?

Inside_out3498d ago

Have all platforms...PS3 has nothing for me so far...Buy all multi-plats on 360...PS3 controller and the PS3 OS the worst in gaming...sad, but true...

Only KZ3 can save this year on the PS3 for me...Shiny black box ( EXSPENSIVE black box ) great bookend and dust collector...Sad really...

Can't wait for SC Conviction( the demo walk through Ubisoft released was AMAZING, up on Gamersyde ) Allan Wake, may rent Metro...Sony has really screw up this year...Free online and 2 games with no on line...WTF...

Holidays packed this yr UNLESS games are delayed...Ghost recon, COD WAW, Fable3, all the move/natal stuff and Halo Reach of course...tho not official, I hope KZ3...( yes, I said it again )....

k-Lan3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Should i flip what you said, go back in the past, and bring up Sony's awesome years of game releases? Wake up loser. How old are you?

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