Red Steel 2 - Gamervision Review

As one of the first games announced for the Nintendo Wii, the original Red Steel carried with it a heavy burden. The Wii, to many people, was seen as the perfect system for a first-person shooter, and the remote was the best tool out there to control a sword. Red Steel combined both of these elements into what looked like the perfect launch title... and completely and utterly failed to bring them to fruition. Nearly everything about the original feel short and, for many, the game's failure was seen as a definitive moment for the system. It was proof that the motion controls weren't really all they were promoted to be, cutting off some gamers' support for the system very, very early. It wasn't all Ubisoft's fault - the Wii just couldn't do what Nintendo had promised, something supposedly fixed with the Wii MotionPlus. Now, history has a chance of repeating itself in a big, bad way. Red Steel 2 has been released, and with it comes renewed promises of 1:1 controls. Again, Ubisoft finds itself at the forefront, ready to either prove the promise of Nintendo's controller, or condemn it.

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