Molyneux: Natal enhances Fable III, but you "don't need it"

The Lost Gamer writes "Peter Molyneux has revealed that Natal will not be implemented into the entire Fable 3 experience."

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raiden_933491d ago

"Cute and funny"....oh dear.

captain-obvious3491d ago

i gotta say that was F*ked up

any way on topic
im glad to hear that

RealityCheck3491d ago

Making it optional is great, I hope they do so for all traditional games, they don't want to make a Lair-type mistake. (I know Lair's control choice was fixed later, much later, too late in fact)

poontab3491d ago

Right there with you, with Lair, they took a half decent game and made sure it was terrible. By the time that controller patch came out I was past the point of being able to stomach anymore.

RealityCheck3491d ago

@1.3 I actually kept the game for a short while, convinced that they would release a regular control patch quickly. Then I gave up and traded it in.

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Foxgod3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Thats the way i like it.
Natal should improve gameplay, not assimilate it.
No need to replace the gamepad, but every extension that makes games even more fun is very welcome.

To me this is a very strong pro over the wii and the move, because with those systems you use either the remote, or the gamepad, Natal allows both.

Now besides motion tracking, they should come with aroma sensors, that make us smell the game =)
Smell the gunpowder while shooting whole army's down!

Seedhouse3491d ago

Agree, I'm glad that it expands the experience rather than be integral to it :)

Foxgod3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Now if MS would tell lionhead to make a Zelda like rpg, or even better, let Rare do a zelda styled action rpg :D

It would also be awesome if Sega would do a new a new Wonderboy game, in the style of Zelda, Wonderboy was so awesome.

leila013491d ago

"Now if MS would tell lionhead to make a Zelda like rpg..."
Hmm... F..a..b..l..e.?

AngryFork3491d ago

How exactly can you use Natal and a controller at the same time? Wave your feet around while using the controller? It's the same thing as Move and Wii in regards that you have to use one or the other, trying to use both at the same time will be uncomfortable.

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Clap Your Hands3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Almost at least:

"Some advice for any Xbox 360 owners thinking ahead to the launch of Microsoft's Project Natal later this year: You might want to see if you'll need to reconfigure your living room.
To be precise, you'll want to clear an area extending at least 4 meters (a little more than 13 feet) away from the television"

MS really seams to have dropped the ball on this part.

Foxgod3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Isnt that the recommended viewing distance for HDTV's?
I dont know much people who sit closer then 4 meters to their HDtv.

Maybe itl be a bit crampy for people in Asia, but we all know the 360 is all about the USA and EU anyway.

On top of that, that article is a bit fishy, it contains too little details, just a few lines and a whole story written around it, it could be hugely ripped out of context.

Clap Your Hands3491d ago

On a 35" screen you will effectively loose all HD picture benefits (1080P, 720P and even 480P), if you sit more then 4 meters away (13 feet).

So no, it's not the recommended viewing distance for HDTV's ;-)

And remeber, its not just 4 meters in a straight line.

80% of gamers (casual as well as hardcore) wont have that kind of room to move around in. Hell I have tons of stuff (couch, table etc.) that i need to move if i just want to play the simple Natal ball game...

Foxgod3491d ago

Well, for me it would be no problem, but i dont want to play the ball game.
Id rather use Natal for the extra gameplay enhancements in hardcore games.
And i doubt youl need 4 meter for that.

Besides, you said HDTV is not recommended for more then 4 meter, Natal is for 4 meter, not more then 4 meter.

leila013491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

You guys should check out the video of the guy breakdancing with Natal, he did it while standing less than a meter away from the device.

Some of you are really trying to hard bash Natal and the X360 it's just funny.

Qui-Gon Jim3491d ago

THX recommendations are that the viewing distanc9e should be about 1.5 times the diagonal screen size for HDTV's, eg. for a 40" TV you should sit about 60" (5 ft) away. A 4m viewing distance would be for a 118" TV.

@ Clap your hands: I think that quote refers to the maximum area that Natal covers, it doesn't say it's a minimum. You just have to be somewhere in that area for Natal to see you.

The Maxx3491d ago

I for one am actually really looking forward to the ball game. I work out everyday and part of my routine is the boring run on the treadmill for 1/2 hour to do my cardio. With the ball game, I could play a 1/2 hour of that and let that be my cardio. it would be a hell of a lot more exciting and I would actually get a better cardio workout than just the treadmill.

Clap Your Hands3491d ago

MS big selling point has from the start been the full body tracking. It's what separate them from the Eyetoy (even though it's already been done on the old EyeToy back in 2004. Full body motion tracking - 7:26 in the video: )

But yes, for the games that don't require your full body you probably wont have to be 4 meters away.

In regard to this:

"Besides, you said HDTV is not recommended for more then 4 meter, Natal is for 4 meter, not more then 4 meter"

Let me be a bit more precise.
If you sit more the 10 feet away from your 35" television (natal requires that you sit more then 13 feet away), then you will effectively loose all picture benefits from even 480P outputs.

If you sit more than 7-8 feet away you'll loose all HD picture benefits from 720P outputs.

If you sit more then 4-5 feet away you'll loose all HD picture benefits from 720P outputs.

Clap Your Hands3491d ago

"To be precise, you'll want to clear an area extending at least 4 meters (a little more than 13 feet) away from the television. That's the back edge of the space to be taken into account by the Natal sensors. In terms of width and height, the field of vision naturally expands as it moves from the Natal device to that back edge, ending up a little more than 4 meters wide and 2.7 meters high (about 8 feet, 10 inches)"

Clap Your Hands3491d ago

Actually he stands 1 meter away from the television. The devise (Natal) is nowhere to be seen.

The Maxx3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

So are saying you can be as close to the TV as you want, but the Natal doesn't have to be on the TV but rather it can be further back behind the TV.

This way, you won't lose visual resolution when looking at the TV.

leila013491d ago

re-read what you wrote Clap Your Hands, you're not even making any sense.

Clap Your Hands3491d ago

Well of course.

The reason we talk about the television is because 99% of the consumers will have Natal on the television or below the television.

Also, this is what MS recommends.

Clap Your Hands3491d ago

What part didn't make any sense?

The Natal-camera is no were to be seen in the breakdancing-video.

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jdktech20103491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Plus, let's be be safe, you're supposed to clear a space for the Wii (and I assume the move since it's a similar mechanic) anyway.....this is no different.

Sounds like your nitpicking to me to tear down Natal when it's really not that big of an issue

Edit: Supposed to be replying to clap your hands

poontab3491d ago

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised to see a headline like, "360 should Only be Played 1 Hour at a Time due to Seizure Warnings in Instruction Manual".

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