Go! Gaming Giant: Afrika Review

From the review:

"As the end of each year approaches, we are typically bombarded with a steady influx of highly-anticipated games releasing in time for the holidays, when sales are expected to be at their highest. Naturally, it is quite easy for lesser-known titles to slip under the radar, even as early as October. I-as well as others-have found that many of these games often resurface months later when the dust finally settles, and in some cases, a lot of these end up being some real gems. That hasn't been the case for a lot of sleeper titles lately, but Rhino Studios' Afrika has proven itself to be one of the more interesting games that you've probably never heard of."

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Murgatroyd73493d ago

This game deserves much better treatment than it has been receiving.

Automat3493d ago

i wanted this game after seeing the trailers in 2007, but it has still NOT been released in Europe. WTF SONY ??

Murgatroyd73493d ago

As far as I know, it has been canceled for Europe. Looks like you'll probably have to import it.

LukeA3493d ago

Hmm, interesting. I'll rent this for a night and see if I agree with your score Chris.

But if I don't... *shakes fist*

Murgatroyd73493d ago

Hey, I make no promises! Keep in mind that this is a very niche game and not everyone is going to like it. Heck, most people won't even give it a chance. In at least half of the reviews I've seen, the reviewer didn't even play past the first 10 missions (there are 118 total!). If you like Pokémon Snap and Discovery Channel, this is worth your time.

xbotpleasefixme3493d ago

It's so funny that the best game ps3rd has to offer you ps turds is a game where you sit and take pictures of fake video game animals. I think I'd rather go outside and find a stick to play with.

RaymondM3492d ago

you sold me at pokemon snap hahaha sounds interesting, however I dont own a PS3, so I'm gonna have to sit this one out

Go Gaming Giant3491d ago

those graphics are amazing and yes, Pokemon snap was awesome :)