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lelo2play3993d ago

Yep... have to agree. The Witcher was one of the best RPG's in the last few years. To bad no release date for The Witcher 2 was not announced. From the trailer looks like there are big bosses in the game, i like it :)

Tony P3993d ago

Very nice. The Witcher is definitely one of my favourite new franchises.

Also, I like any game that feels comfortable enough to make a trailer out of in-game instead of 100% FMV. Looks *very* sweet.

ThePostalDudeX3993d ago

*Jizzes uncontrollably in pants*

stealthx3993d ago

last one was really good...cant wait for this to come out

t8503993d ago

Whenever this does come out, its easily a strong contender for RPG of the year.

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The story is too old to be commented.