GamePro: Resonance of Fate Review

GamePro writes: "But for all of its breathtaking visuals and wonderfully deep tinkering, Resonance of Fate's combat system almost threatens to ruin an otherwise enjoyable RPG experience with schizophrenic gunplay mechanics that are nearly too demanding for their own good. Sure, if you can grind through numerous random battles without losing your patience, the experience can be rewarding when you finally succeed. But for the rest of you, I'd recommend something else if you're not ready to devote some serious study time to the hardcore, incredibly unforgiving trek through this steampunk city."

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xbotpleasefixme3501d ago

I don't understand they say this game is good yet it's also on the PS3??!?!?!?! Which one is it gamepro make up your mind because it can't be both!

rjguess3501d ago

on most sites ive been to has a better review the the new FFXXII.

HMMMMM. Must be a great game. I'll have to try it.

VileAndVicious3501d ago

And I think RoF is a better game, theres alot more freedom.

rjguess3501d ago

I have not played a FF games since 7. So I am not sure of getting it. But seeing the score this game is getting. I will put it on my list. Man this PS3 is going to make me go broke.