Every Single Game Needs to Have Online Multiplayer

Jeff Effendi writes: "Dear developer, I really want to get my money's worth; please add a multiplayer mode to your video game so that I may extend my playtime. Thanks.

As consumers, it's what we all want, isn't it? Of course we want to squeeze every little value from our product – we paid for it. Unfortunately, this general nature of ours, coupled with the ever-so prevalent obsession with everything multiplayer has skewed our perceptions. Seriously, guys, is multiplayer the only way you want to increase replayability of a game? Duh - is there any other way? Probably not."

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BeardedGamerShow3498d ago

Hilarious! Wait, did G4 write this? HAHA!

bmw693498d ago

this is better than G4 ;-)

blitz06233498d ago

Not if that game is God of War 3. Seriously, the SP experience is already that epic it need not a MP component.

deadreckoning6663498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

I think he meant every SHOOTER should have online multiplayer. If not, then...LOL

edit: Its a joke article apparently.

hazardman3498d ago

Not every game needs multiplayer..I notice that the games that do have multiplayer usually have a short SP campaign.

HolyOrangeCows3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

I hate this generation of gaming. So many think multiplayer is the most important thing a game can have.

"Sales = Quality"
It's a joke article. BadJoyStick this drivel.

UNCyrus3498d ago

this trend in the gaming industry is the first sign of the apocalypse

BYE3498d ago

I don't get much out of multiplayer shooters, it's the same sh*t every game.

Something needs to happen, they need to revolutionize it by finding ways to integrate it into the story. Right now every game is like playing Quake 3 or Counter Strike over again.

tinybigman3497d ago

not every game needs a goddamn multiplayer mode for f*ck sake. i love my single player experiences a hell of a lot more then multiplayer.

the only time i play multi is when im playing coop with friends other than that i really could care less about it. i've had more fun with single player games this generation then multiplayer.

Ratchet & Clank (series)
Final Fantasy 13
Uncharted (series)
Mass Effect (series)
God of War 3
Metal Gear Solid 4
Heavy Rain
Batman AA
Assassin's Creed (series)
Heavenly Sword
Mirror's Edge
Valkyria Chronicles (best rpg i've played this gen)
Bioshock 1
Lost Odyssey
Mario Galaxy
Zelda TP
Fire Emblem
Demon's Souls

now with these games mentioned here it's not to suggest i hate all multiplayer games which i don't like

Killzone 2
Gears of War (mostly for single player though)
Burnout Paradise
MLB The Show
Call of Duty (mostly for single player)
Resistance (series)

guess what i'm saying is you'll get my $60 for a great single player experience over multiplayer any day of the week.

poindat3497d ago

I mean, nobody could possible be this stupid... Right...?

GrandTheftZamboni3497d ago

The problem is that developers aren't going to double their resources to have both single and online multiplayer, so one or the other is going to suffer, quality or length wise.

Redempteur3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

of course not ..we don't need multiplayer in every game.

I don't want multi player in heavy rain , nor in final fantasy 13.

there are plenty of genres that don't need multiplayer to survive ...
assasin creed, ICO ( 2 other games that DON'T NEED multiplayer yet are really good and fun to play

Darkstorn3497d ago

Let's give more people access to broadband first. I realize this isn't a problem in Europe or Japan, but in the U.S. and Canada, many people (including myself) are relegated to dial-up. News flash: dial-up sucks, and I'd happily pay for high speed internet.

Hopefully Congress' new broadband bill will do something to help.

JL3497d ago

Yes this is satirical. It even says so at the end.

That being said, I absolutely HATE this multiplayer trend that has been swarming gaming this generation. Any day of the week I would prefer great single-player experience over a good multiplayer. There are very few multiplayer games that even keep my attention long enough. The most recent being MAG. Even that still gets old to me after a while. Want replayability? Then make a single-player game that's so compelling and filled with so many extras that I want to go back and play it again and again. GOW3 I'll be playing again just to relive that experience and quite frankly just to have fun with it going back and using all those unlockables. The Uncharted series I'll play again and again just because it's a great game and even offers more to go back and try to hunt for all those treasures through the game on additional playthroughs.

This "everything needs multiplayer" mentality is going to be the bane of gaming. Especially the way they're doing multiplayer now. Everything has to be pretty much a shooter multiplayer. It gets old as hell. Want to keep multiplayer relevant? Then developers are going to have to switch it up and offer new experiences. That doesn't just include different perks and whatnot for the same ol' multiplayer shooter. A good example would've been Valkyria Chronicles. That game is one of my favorite of this generation hands-down. Favorite RPG this generation so far. And completely satisfied with it. However, could've taken a good step forward with multiplayer on that. That gameplay just screamed accessibility to multiplayer. Going against a friend on different maps in a strategic battle. As it stands though everything is just the same ol' stuff over and over again. Bioshock 2? Let's tack on a generic shooter multiplayer mode. UC2? Same thing (would've really loved to see some kind of treasure hunt mode or something if they wanted to add online). Not that either of those games are bad. And I wouldn't blame it on the developers necessarily either. Seems all the critics (like mentioned in the article) like to dock games just because they don't have that generic king-of-the-hill multiplayer mode. Take the first Uncharted for example. Critics and gamers alike are always screaming for the same stuff over and over and over again. Thinking everything has to have that same stuff. Then we wonder why we get the same games over and over again.

Bottom line: the great single player experience is what has defined all my favorite games this generation (VC, UC, GOW, Demon's Souls, etc). I'll take that single player experience over multiplayer any day.

I hate to say this, going to start some flaming I'm sure, but we have Halo and COD to blame for all this. At least before then, the PC community kept it (multiplayer shooters) under control. Granted GoldenEye made a huge step towards what we have now, at least they did it moderately right though (not trying to dog it either, great game that I had lots of fun with), it at least had it split screen. Split screen being another dying breed as well these days. And people wonder why there are games being made that are online-only. Which is also funny because critics will complain about online-only games as well when they're the first to make it out like online is the most important part, even going so far as to praise the most popular multiplayer games that simply put on a charade of putting in some insanely short campaign mode that's nothing more than a "boot training/tutorial" session.

On the bright side, at least this craze is sticking to the FPS/TPS realm for the most part (with the exception of a a few like Uncharted, GTA, certain racers, etc. Ok there are alot that aren't shooters, just shooters are the ones pushing it). And only few (including non-shooters) do it well enough to entertain me and actually be something more than a generic tack-on.

Oh how I miss the days when I was younger and the single-player was catered to rather than the dumb kids who can't get enough of seeing how many times the same multiplayer shoot 'em up/run'n'gun crap can be recycled. At least we still have some developers that are still dedicated to bringing amazing single-player experiences though.

P.S. I touched on it earlier, but.....split-screen. How about we ignore online multiplayer so much and resurrect this? That's another all but lost art. Even racers are ignoring split-screen. The only decent racing game that has split-screen that I know of is Motorstorm. What happened to the good ol' days of sitting around passing around the controller playing CTR or Mario Kart with friends? Now it seems local multiplayer has gone by the wayside in favor of the more "plug in a mic and sit alone in a dark room" approach with the exception of the obvious sports and fighting games (which can do it with splitscreen). This I blame on the obsession with graphics that all these graphics-whores has brought about. Developers don't want to have to sacrifice graphics in order to split that screen. Sacrificing graphics like that these days are like a death knell. So basically the lesson we're learning this generation is: Make the game as pretty as you can at all costs, then tack on some generic deathmatch/king of the hill multiplayer while also including some poor excuse for a single-player experience and just market the hell out of that game so it sells lots and there you have a certifiable "classic".

vickers5003497d ago

"I hate this generation of gaming. So many think multiplayer is the most important thing a game can have.

I hate your generation of gaming. The kind who think multiplayer has no value whatsoever. The kind of person who if they had it their way, every single game would have single player only. So many think that single player is the most important thing a game can have.

Tell me, who are you to say which is better? What makes you sp only gamers think you have a right to tell others that they are playing a lesser quality game or that somehow mp will always be inferior?

A real gamer plays and enjoys both without saying that one is better than the other.

If you're argument against multiplayer is that it is repetitive and doesn't make you think at all, then I could say the same to you about single player games. Only a handful of games these days have decent stories, and the ones that do have decent stories, are on par with a b movie action flick, so I could tell you how mindless sp is in that respect, but I don't because that would be stupid, along with calling someone who loves mp stupid.

It does seem that the attitude of the industry is "everything needs mp", but here on n4g, the attitude is "NOTHING NEEDS MP". I remember you people b*tching like little babies that Uncharted 2 was going to suck because they were going to add multiplayer, yet the game turned out to be one of the highest rated of all time.

duplissi3496d ago

the author is a moron... honestly. yeah id love for some devs who dont have the budget to lessen their game just to include multiplayer..
i wonder how long this guy has been playing video games... certainly not very long, because he would have hated pre online systems...

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3498d ago
Rubang3498d ago

Out of the best selling 15 games of all time, Mario Kart Wii is the only one with online multiplayer.

THIS ARTICLE IS BALONEY!!!!!!!!!!11111111

TehSuperCell3498d ago

im sure amongst those 15 games, there should be a ff7, vice city, and maybe zelda. hey, whatdya know, they are all before online got popular. back then, all you needed is gameplay, story, and graphics.
now, its all about online. times have changed. deal with it.

Anonagrog3497d ago

Read the article through to then end first before spouting out such drivel.

inbetweener3498d ago

No they don't. I prefer to game alone most of the time and I suspect I'm not the only one.

3498d ago
Bathyj3498d ago

If he's a gamer, then yeah, he's probably got a PS3 amongst his other consoles.

If he's a corparate buttpuppet who swears to one machine, then he probably only has an Xbox.

ViciousBoston3498d ago

PS3 is THE best Single player console. The multiplayer is phenominal but XBOX has that service people feel the need to pay for non-dedicated servers.

Pay for non-dedicated servers....or free dedicated ones....decisions decisions. Ya know this is hard but i'm going to have to go for the +2 here Bob. PSN over 360.

4pocalyps33498d ago! Jesus i dont see why every game has to have multiplayer just to automaticaly make it teh best game evah! my top 3 games haven't got multiplayer but i still play em over and over again.

Mp should just stick to games that would actually suit 'em (FPS, Sports etc.) I don't see why games like GOW and/or Mario should have to implement MP just so a few people like MP in games. Those games are going to do well with SP on their own.

Braineater24483498d ago

If you read the article you'd realize it's satire ;)

gunnerforlife3498d ago

straight up, i am hating developers concentrating mostly on multi player and not single player games. I swear I blame the FPS GENRE and Xbox live ( Halo i'm looking at YOU) and PSN for this mess on consoles >_<

where have the days gone where single player games were hours long and developers concentrated just on that part of the game :/

JL3497d ago

My sentiments exactly. That's exactly how I feel. Miss those days where single-player and great gameplay was the focus rather than generic multiplayer tack-ons.

These developers really want to make games worthwhile with lots of playability, then how about stepping up the games themselves. I remember back in the day it was actually a challenge to beat most games. It took forever and was an accomplishment when you actually beat a game. These days, at best, beating a game is just something to "get out of the way" before moving on to the multiplayer portion. Part of the blame also rests on MS and their crap inclusion of accomplishments. Everybody became obsessed with those and that's what they played games for. And in order to cater to those accomplishment/trophy whores they had to just make games easier for people to get those trophies (just look around at how people whine when there's a hard trophy to get).

Back in the day it was considered an accomplishment to beat a game. And there were even plenty games where only the elite ever actually beat the game. Nowadays a child can beat all these games, and the rest "test" is seeing how fast you can beat it or how quickly you can gather all the trophies.

Long live the ones still dedicated to great single-player experiences like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Atlus, etc, even Bethesda to a degree (they just need to seriously step up their coding ability).

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