Super Guide, Vitality Sensor and Netflix DS: A Conversation With Nintendo

Kotaku writes: While both Sony and Microsoft are focusing on their own forms of motion gaming this year, Nintendo plans to continue their efforts to change the way we play games.

Speaking with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently, the charismatic executive walked me through some of Nintendo's 2010 game plans including the publisher's push to prove to people this summer why they need a gaming add-on that detects their pulse while playing, what the future holds for the company's virtual helper The Super Guide and what Nintendo makes of Netflix's notion of streaming video to their portable DS.

Fils-Aime started our half-hour conversation by downplaying Sony's recent unveiling of the motion detecting Playstation Move.

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Socomer 19793498d ago

," Fils-Aime said. "There is nothing that they showed that is surprising. There is nothing that they showed that is innovative and in the end it will come down to how much fun the software is, how entertaining the experience is. And I've yet to see anything that highlights this as an entertaining experience."

& then he says;

Unveiled at last year's E3, the Wii Vitality Sensor measures the flow of blood through the user's body to determine a person's breathing and pulse, among other things.

But Nintendo has yet to explain why gamers would want to use the add-on, something that Fils-Aime promises is coming.

okay reggie, i cant wait till ps3 does a "wii-too" on that awesome finger sensor./Sarcasm/SMH.

NatureOfLogic3498d ago

Playstation Move can do what the Wii can do plus alot more, that's what nintendo is afraid of.

darthv723498d ago

I'd kind of like to see that. Chances are it would be more for the 3ds as there is likely to be a beefier cpu and much more memory to handle it. Maybe they could try it on the dsi but not likely.

skare133498d ago

I already read this, but I wanted to comment on the incoming sony fanboy. Stop troling Nintendo News! Nintendo can't help your system is in last.

eagle213498d ago

While Move and Natal are $99.99.

Nintendo will sell more of these than those two combined if it has the software to back it up.

anonymouse1113353498d ago

This, I plan on getting it if it doesn't cost too much and it has good software, just imagine in a fighting game like wrestling using this and as your arms get tired from swinging your character gets more tired, that would be really cool and be a step forward in terms of virtual reality.

n4f3498d ago

The vitality sensor will work with Zelda-Wii by playing a voice file of Link speaking depending on your blood pressure.

Low: "Gee, It sure is boring around here."
Normal: "I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos."
High: "Well excuuuuuuuse me princess"