WorthPlaying: Last Rebellion Review

WorthPlaying writes: "The RPG market is rather unique in that there is a game for almost everyone. If you're a fan of shooters, you can find comfort in games like BioShock or Mass Effect. If you enjoy hardcore difficulty, you have Shiren the Wanderer and Demon's Souls. Those looking for over-the-top action and mind-blowing visuals will seek out Final Fantasy titles, while someone wanting a engrossing character-focused story will play Persona or Dragon Age: Origins. That's not even taking into account all the niche titles, like Eternal Sonata or Enchanted Arms, which have their fair share of followers. Among all these RPGs, with their wide range of appeals, Last Rebellion stands out in a unique way: It isn't a game for anyone."

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120FPS3495d ago

Agreed, almost as good as WKC

Meryl3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

WKC is actually the most underrated game this generation to come out, it is much better than SO4 and a little bit better than FF XII (DESPITE IT'S GRAPHICAL PROWESS)
In my view LO >> WKC >> FF XIII >> SO4 >> TLR
Also since when is this a good score, as seen as I don't trust reviewers anymore after their BS on WKC, I will rent this one out and see for myself

callahan093495d ago

This is a short-sighted review. I quote: "It isn't a game for anyone."

That's just a ridiculous thing to say. I rented it and had a great time with it. If there was one thing I would complain about, it would be the length. If this was a 100 hour long game like Disgaea, I'd have bought it, but I was able to platinum this game in about 15 hours, so the rental was all I needed to get everything out of it that it had to offer. But I thought the character of Aisha was excellent, she was charming, funny, interesting, just all around a very good new character in the NIS family that I hope makes appearances in their future games the way Laharl, Prinny, and Etna keep appearing all over their games. And the battle system was definitely unique and interesting, and I had a good bit of fun with it.

The game isn't for many people, perhaps that's true, but I personally think the battles are a lot of fun and the developer deserves credit for taking turn-based battles in a wholly new direction and making them fresh and interesting. The whole package isn't always great, but it has its moments where if I had designed the game, I'd be proud of my ideas and accomplishments.