Molyneux; "the word 'game' just seems so trivial"

The Lost Gamer writes "Peter Molyneux has discussed the future of the gaming industry, during which he reveals that he believes that the next few years will bring new titles that will change our whole perception of what a game is, as the name no longer depicts what developers are currently aiming to achieve any more."

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Seedhouse3502d ago

I guess the term "game" does make video games seem a little too playful - especially when related to cinematic titles such as God of War 3, Heavy Rain or Uncharted 2.

TehSuperCell3501d ago

Dont forget the best of the best: Gears of War.
Father of Cinematic Video Games.

TehSuperCell3501d ago

No sarcasm intended. Gears of War is a cinematic masterpiece that conveys true emotion in a virtual battlefield. Most have tried to copy this game, such as MGS4, UC2, GOW3, and HR, but in the end, only Gears of War remains king.
Heck, its 2 years later and it still beats the latest games.
Even its legacy receives praise (UC2, AoT)

FragGen3501d ago

I respect his past work, but could we please just stop having everything that comes out of this guy's mouth reported as news here on N4G?

WildArmed3501d ago

wow that much sarcasm in one comment.. I think i'm overloaded..

I love Gears, but emotion has never been a factor in it.. oh please..

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N4g_null3502d ago

The truth comes out. I already knew it but it's funny to see someone say it. These companies don't want to make games any more they want to make movies, books, plays, science experiments.

The only company that still makes games is nintendo. When toys stores no longer carry game console it will be a sad day for gaming and a joyous day for interactive movies.

Bnet3433501d ago

I'm going to assume that by toy stores you mean places like BestBuy and GameStop (not including online retailers like Amazon). Gaming isn't going anywhere for a long time. It's a billion dollar industry. 1983 will not be making another appearance unless something drastic happens like there isn't metal in the world to produce chipsets or something silly and out of this world.

Das_Bastardion3501d ago

the word "child molester" must be reaaaally familiar

He's even making a game about it lol

Poor xbots

Obama3501d ago

His next game is "Milo vs Predator"

Das_Bastardion3501d ago

nice one Mr. President

I can sumarize the spirit of the people when I grant Bubbles to you

RememberThe3573501d ago

Video games are becoming much more than just games. They are interactive experiences. I'm sure if anyone can come up with a new catchy title for video games, Molyneux can do it. I'm interested to see if the industry will pick up on this idea.

Bnet3433501d ago

Video games are becoming more than just games the same way video game consoles are becoming more than just video game consoles. Technology is getting better and better. It's just a matter of time until we're touching holograms and stuff like that.

Kratos Spartan3501d ago

like T&A holograms?


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The story is too old to be commented.