Those Video Game Violence Debates

Games blogger Lauren Wainwright talks about how debates about video game violence are always unfair, what gamers should be doing instead of sending death threats and the most recent look at the debate on The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

"As gamers, we are getting more and more used to the fact that we are the enemy. We are weird, sick adults who enjoy watching brains being blown out and destroying innocent digital lives. We enjoy the hunt and torturing our prey. We all have some kind of serious social issue. We are pale, spotty, fat losers who live in their mother's basement. We are all men and we are all sex pests. We are gamers.

Of course none of the above is honestly true. I, for one, am not living at home; I'm a woman; I am pretty social and I pass out at the sight of any real blood so I don't think I am going to murder anyone any time soon. I'm not even a real gamer according to statistics. Most of my male friends, who are also gamers, don't seem to fit into the above description either. Actually, how many gamers do you know even fit that stereotype?"

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Clance3494d ago

We'll never win.... but do we WANT to? It's nice to be an outsider and it's nice to stick it to the man!

It isn't nice to be totally misrepresented on TV though, but, at the end of the day, TV just wants viewers and publicity and it gets these things by airing controversial crap that it probably doesn't really believe.