Amazon Playstation 3 Gold Box Event Begins

Amazon has started the Playstation 3 Gold Box Event by offering Dante's Inferno Divine Edition as the "Deal of the Day" in addition to providing some hints to the Lightning Deals happening throughout the rest of Monday.

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gunnerforlife3500d ago

i have never seen an article go above 100Degrees on this site without any comments >_<

Darkstorn3500d ago

I picked up Arkham Asylum. The GOTY edition is only for PAL territories, and $30 seems like a good deal for a game I've heard a lot about.

ThatArtGuy3500d ago

You obviously haven't been to the "hot women" articles.

chasegarcia3500d ago

I played the demo. Game is awesome.

kurochi3500d ago

meh.... I'm playing it right now. After finishing God Of War 3, Dante's just isn't up to par. But, I'm still going through Dante's. I can see EA doing a 2nd one though.

El_Colombiano3500d ago

Nothing is up to par with God of War 3

ZBlacktt3499d ago

DI is very awesome. It doesn't give you the up and close gore of GOW. But it too is on the same scale of great well done games for sure. That and with the huge DLC package coming for DI. Which also has online. The replay value just made this game better then GOW3. Where you will have some DLC as stated. But it will be stuff that was already done for GOW3. They just left it out for now. But still, no online and never will be for GOW3.

Ssxtreme363500d ago

im guessing the next game is star ocean. hopefully its below 25 bucks because im really looking to buy an rpg for my ps3