Brink To Take Customization, Features 'To Next Level'

CC: Splash Damage's creative director, Richard Ham says that the developers up-and-coming first-person shooter Brink will take customization and in-game features "to the next level"

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PhilipLarkin3496d ago

I want more than 2 types of scope!

mjolliffe3496d ago

It's looking absolutely awesome! Can't wait for it!

EvilBlackCat3496d ago

wanna know why?

Because is not a PS3 exclusive game THAT's WHY! ;)

young juice3496d ago

boohoo, quit crying.

anyways this game is at the top of my multiplat list.

along with red dead redemption, and crysis 2.

HolyOrangeCows3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

If that's the first thing that came your mind when you saw the article, I feel bad for you. You're absolutely OBSESSED with "TEH PSTREE FANBOIs"

"Ham was asked whether the game would include features such as air strikes in our most anticipated title of the year in an interview with NowGamer.

"Definitely!" he said"
That sounds freaking sweet. Freaking air strikes >:)
EDIT: he talking about in the single player/co-operative?

Raz3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I'm so getting this. Just...please, Bethesda, iron out the bugs *beforehand* this time. Your games are epic and awesome - just remember to put a few coats of polish on before you release it.

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tdrules3496d ago

loads of customization but no mod support haha.
is this really the same company that grew off modding?

mjolliffe3496d ago

I'm sure it'll come into the picture at some point in the future...

movements3496d ago

I'm actually looking forward to this!

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The story is too old to be commented.