Top 10 Movie Based Games

Which games almost always fail expectations and any sense of fun? Games based of movies. Many films need to have a tie in game based on a movie nowadays. Sadly they have to be always released around the release date of the movie and lack polish, good gameplay or graphics. But rarely they can be good or even amazing. Let the countdown begin of the Top 10 best movie-based games!

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gillri3502d ago

Cant disagree with those top 2!!!!!!!

mal_tez923501d ago

But Reading the list made me remember how I enjoyed all of these. Great list.

Donk3y3502d ago

this list is just perfect

PoSTedUP3502d ago

i havent played lord of the rings or xmen so i cant say but i cant find anything else to replace them with so... lol.

list might as well be perfect, chronicles of riddik for ps2 was so on point, really good game.

scarface wasent really based on the movie its self, it was a game&sequel kind of thing, never the less i think it deserves a place on that list knowing it is one of my favorite sandbox games.

ultramoot3501d ago

Absolutely agree with Goldeneye and Chronicles of Riddick.

starmin763501d ago

Kotor is the greatest licensed game ever. Period.

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