Fallout: New Vegas versus Metro 2033: HD Screenshot comparison

GB writes: "Fallout: New Vegas is one of the most anticipated role playing games of 2010. It is a part of the Fallout series but not a sequel to Fallout 3. Since Metro 2033 and New Vegas are both primarily based on post-apocalyptic conditions, we at GamingBolt decided to a high definition screen shot comparison of both the games. Take a look. The first screen is from Fallout: New Vegas and the second is from Metro 2033."

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Nike3493d ago

Well, it was only obvious a comparison like this would come up, what with the similarities between the two. I mean, one of the suits in Metro 2033 literally looks like the one often seen in Fallout games.


Fallout will prove to be a great game, I'm sure, not relying on graphics. But after playing Metro 2033 and witnessing such extreme details from the environments on up to the gun models and characters, Fallout will be hard to look at. Metro 2033 almost made me a graphics whore...almost.

gameseveryday3493d ago

Agreed that Fallout 3 was an an amazing experience game play wise, but it sure wasnt the prettiest game ever. Metro 2003 is kinda of opposite if the reviews are to be believed.

mrv3213493d ago

I've done some research into this and I think Falllout: New Vegas is actually the proper Fallout 3.

ALso isn't it a bit unfair comparing a linear FPS to a open world game?

porkfriedrice3493d ago

they dont look thaaaat different

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The story is too old to be commented.